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Tubbo X Reader LemonEverything she thought she knew had happened, was a lie. this precious bean loves showing you off on his streams. Chapter Text "I love you!!" "You don't really mean it. Lavender Enna, a quiet girl who lives on her own and keeps to herself. They stop right in front of the bed. The rest of the Devildom tries meanwhile to deal with the consequences of …. expect lots of fluff for your soul :3 reader is a mi. Y/N=Your Name B/N= Brother Name P/N=Pet Name Y/UN dreamsmp. Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Tanjiro Demon Slayer X Reader Zenitsu Inosuke Nezuko Isekai Y/N was just an ordinary person from the 21st century, she didn’t expect to wake up in an anime where human-eating demons roam free every night. He was rather short, and his arms wrapped around his books in a hug. Fanfiction Romance Record Of Ragnarok X Dsmp Crossover Harem X Reader Stuff Fantasy Story ˏˋ°•*⁀ ʀᴇᴄᴏʀᴅ ᴏғ ʀᴀɢɴᴀʀᴏᴋ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ x ᴅsᴍᴘ born under the moon's light, a certain valkyrie gets taken in by a certain king and is known as the princess of the smp. Sorry for any inconvenience! When I update: idk Warnings: Bad grammar Very cringe worthy Anxiety Strong language Maybe smut. Since I can't say any more, I wish you a lot of fun reading. The Benefits of Using Adobe Reader and How to Download it for Free Today. Valentino (Hazbin Hotel)/Reader. His second stop was a small music shack to get some new guitars gorillazxreader. Turbo x Reader {lemon} by ccsturtlegirl on DeviantArt">Turbo x Reader {lemon} by ccsturtlegirl on DeviantArt. hq’s of Tubbo showing off his s/o on his streams! <3. Graphic Depictions Of Violence; Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings;. See a recent post on Tumblr from @witheredroseanon about ranboo x reader. The more I walked closer to Levi the more I started to lift off the ground up to the sun that was beginning to rise. this is female various x male reader story and i also i don't own any of the female characters as well i do not own any media content in this series Warning: This following book series may contain depression,incest,sucidal,yandere, lemon and loli characters if you are weird. Forever With You ~ Tubbo x Reader. Chat Noir X Reader (LEMON) 3 parts. I open my eyes effortlessly slowly at a time. stable boy ( swk x m!reader ) by Annabelle Wright. After dying from a mysterious death, M/n was giving the choice of whether or not he'd like to keep his memories. [Started on Tumblr, moved here!] c!Dream SMP creator oneshots this is where I will post my c! x readers!! pls enjoy my luvs <3. You just arrived in Alola with your mom, dad, and your brother sun to start your new life. Also there are not a lot of Tubbo x reader so why not. today you were heading over to your best friend, Tubbo and Ranboo’s house. It was cute watching Tubbo give a blowjob for the first time. Wilbur's just finished his latest job and is cleaning up when, all of a sudden, he hears a noise- not a noise, a voice- behind him. A/N: This is all platonic! Nothing romantic. What’s that? Someone sent you a pdf file, and you don’t have any way to open it? And you’d like a fast, easy method for opening it and you don’t want to spend a lot of money? In fact, you’d like it free? No problem — here’s the solution. Mother (Gyutaro & Daki + OC Backsto by Athena Woods. In the name of God, impure souls of the living dead shall be banished into eternal damnation, Amen. Ranboo has a big secret and a huge crush on Tommy. He watched tubbo pump his hand up and down his member. reader has some character not a total blank slate. Tubbo was a bit shocked that Ranboo leaned in for another kiss, but he was happy. Tubbo gives up his life connected to L'manburg- his past lives- and heads North from Snowchester. This story was a collaborative work with my friend, SpindlesX, who is definitely an artist worth checking out!. DreamSMP Yandere | Reader Wilbur DreamXD Technoblade GeorgeNotFound Sapnap Karl Jacobs Niki There's not a single hero who can keep every god satisfied. One medium-sized lemon yields about 1 tablespoon of zest, as well as a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice. P, she is quite attractive, funny and overall a nice demon. Wraith x Reader [LEMON] Tue, Sep 26, 2017. Y/n pov I was too sleepy to dr. Painfully killed, he ruefully cursed the living, as he ascended into the clouds. cw: sex related injuries, unprotected sex, breeding, quirkplay, aphrodesiac quirk, switch tamaki, sub reader, dom kirishima. Enchanted Love in Ninjago [A Lloyd by 1-Paper-Plane. After being saved by a reformed super villian, you get to know him and realize he's a normal guy. Like her sister, Y/N is a witch. And with your new life, you get to pick out your first Pokémon! But a strange Completed. You opened your eyes and immediately saw your open window. Turbo x Reader {lemon} This is my first lemon. Alice — Reaction to you being pregnant. ~ ~ ~ Changing POV each chapter, this story is partially an alternate universe. Lemon] Dabi X Reader">Boku no hero academia one shots. Tommy, sixteen, lives with Tubbo in an orphanage, the two of them running around in the cold streets of their town. A wave of chills runs down your spine, causing your heartbeat to speed up. The door swung open and the aforementioned enderman stood there. In front of you,stood a boy with slightly long black hair. Most recipes that use lemon extract call for only a teaspoon or two, and a teaspoon of lemon juice will add little to no flavor. Big Hero 6 Disney | Reader Baymax Hiro Hamada Honey Lemon | Fanfiction Hiro Xreader Wasabi Gogo Fred Tadashi. Chapters 3 - 6: Kissing Headcanons. The program encourages kids to read independently. This is a book about friendship, branching off from my Tommy x Reader friendship book. The only clue you have is that you were found in a cardboard box on the sidewalk with a Completed. Ranboo/Toby Smith | Tubbo Additional Tags: Smut Fluff and Smut Underage - Freeform Problematic lmao You looked for this Top Ranboo (Video Blogging RPF) Bottom Toby Smith | Tubbo Praise Kink Edging Language: English Stats: Published: 2021-06-21 Words: 3,993 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 84 Kudos: 1,248 Bookmarks: 50 Hits: 34,574. Forever With You ~ Tubbo x Reader. So, me being a freaky weirdo Mainly she/her (pronouns) and X reader , but id love to do other pronouns and genders/sexualities - All the plots are by me bnha; etc; anime +8 more # 4. Read the most popular rayxreader stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. It lands in the teen’s open palms, the insect staring up at the boy. x The reader portrays a strong, badass character with slight anger issues. It was an exciting romance, at least the idea of it was. Tubbo vigorously jumped out of his chair to run the the front door of his house. however if you’re a fox hybrid, excitement x 100. Their antennas flick around with their excitement. tubbo, tommy, and i were near the back of the room and they were trying to help me stop crying. No lemon or smg4xsmg3; smg3; smg3xsmg4 +3 more # 6. Tubbo x Reader Oneshots!!!. He lifts the small being to eye-level and greets it happily. With a sweep of his arm, he sliced your shirt down the middle and removed it. ::MCYT x male reader:: Fanfiction. Clockworrth x dom female reader. Fanfiction NO SMUT! Basically, a simple story of where y/n, who is GeorgeNotFound's sister, falls in love with a boy named Tubbo. Yoriichi Lemon kny by ~Fuyumi~. " he laughs with a slight blush to his face. Lemons are allowed, same for fluff. Tubbo was falling asleep, tommy was snoring softly. He flipped me over so I was on my stomach. However, horny men making connections through Minecraft could only stay long distance for long enough. After a tragic night on the 17th July 2022, you seem to find yourself connected with the YouTube stars Sam and Colby. They will encounter many things throughout their relationship, read to find out Completed. magic; jujutsukaisen; genderbender +13 more # 10. c!Tubbo x Female reader If Tubbo finds this I will commit arson on my iPad. Violet Magne is the older sister of Charlie Magne and is the eldest daughter of Lucifer and Lilith Morningstar. Y/N is the twin sister of Lily Evans. and tommy looked utterly shellshocked and almost fell. Tubbo looks at me as I'm brushing grass off my pants and walks up to me, brushing something off of my face. Bloodline (Bakugou Katsuki X Reader) 51 parts. "Tommy," Tubbo whines from somewhere under the pile of blankets he's (presumably) been under since Tommy had left to go film a vlog for their new 'Sorry' channel. After your life and the world came crashing down due to a sickness, you where left on your own. Dreamwastakenxreader Stories. When moving in with her brother to escape her abusive parents trying to force her into an arranged marriage, she meets a brown haired boy who quickly turns her life around. Now chest to chest and lips to lips. Day 7 of a Very Monstrous Kinktober Male!Satyr x GN!Reader. The Square Reader dashboard is a powerful tool that can help you manage your business and monitor your sales. A nameless GUN soldier finds himself invoking the ire of senior agent Rouge the Bat hero of Two Worlds. So Ranboo moved his arms so he could be a bit more …. Y/n is a Ender Dragon hybrid and her brother Ranboo, a portal leading into a different world. After getting them off of you, he silently picked you up as you turned your head to look at the blond, brunet and monochrome boys. If you haven't, I suppose I'll tell you about it. Tubbo has a boyfriend, Ranboo has a crush on Tubbo Tubbo complains about his boyfriend to ranboo What could go wrong. I hugged a pillow to myself, moaning into it as he rammed me from the back, “mm~!”. With the ability to create, edit, and share PDFs, Acrobat Reader makes it easy to keep track of your documents. They were a few inches away with their backs turned, the heat of their bodies was making Tubbo begin to slowly fall into a deep sleep, until behind him, the youngest began to move, he tried to ignore him, but he couldn't for much longer, since the blonde had hugged him around the waist and he. Mating Season - Fundy x Wilbur. Ciel x Neko Reader // Unlucky Lucky by Queen Chuncky. And The Unbeatable Champion, Leon. Archive of Our Own">Dream SMP Ensemble/You. reader is a junior in college looking to make a little extra money. Ranboo (Video Blogging RPF)/Reader. tubbo nods in response, panting to heavily to respond. Mortal Kombat Lemons and Oneshots. Thay seemed sad ancering 'well you see moon isent the friendliest person and thay scares my friends a lot I just dont want you to get scared'. After taking a moment, he began to suck Ranboo off. Jane the killer x female reader what comes goes. Y/N is a Streamer on Twitch with a normal viewercount of 100. Life wasn't easy, but he made it work. 162 pages April 9, 2022 LuminaStarCrest. you brought along some of your knitting material and yarn, since tubbo mentioned he wanted to learn how to knit some things. Technoblade Fanfiction Stories. [ninjago movie (mainly a lloyd garmadon) x f! reader] For all his life, Lloyd Garmadon had two brothers, suffering the worst out of all of them. Tubbo X Reader Fiction Stories. It was very common for you to see something out of the corner of your eye, but when you looked, you only saw a bunch of purple particles drifting slowly towards the earth due to gravity. ☁️ Fluff 💔 That's sad crap 'ya know Requests 🍋 Lemon 😏😏😏 🎶 Songs/ and stuff like dat This i when it all changed. This is a slowburn assassin enemies/rivals to lovers Striker x fem reader fanfiction that started off as a personal project that I've decided to publish. He is an obsessive, possessive, unstable, violent, and d. @nixoxia asked if I could make a full fic and even though requests are officially closed I was more than willing to expand on the vague ideas I had. however if you're a fox hybrid, excitement x 100. purple boy There will be Lemons This is the same book/sequel to Hitoshi Shinsou X Reader Oneshots from hashtagnoodles but my other ac xreader; shinsouhitoshi; lemons +10 more # 5. Bowser The King over the Dark Lands, leader of the Koopa, and sworn enemy of the Mario brothers. Y/N lives in a weird world where over 80% have quirks and of that 80% there are 2% that don't have alpha-beta or omega tendencies. main plot lovingly ripped off from the remarried empress. This is a book full of smut/lemons with your favourite MHA characters! Please note Slut. Other PDF Readers: Why It’s Worth the Download. Some are dirtier than others, so reader discretion is. TW: mentions of abuse, eating disorders Second book f. you’ll pull plenty of pranks together. Instead, he works at a restaurant and befriends anyone that crosses his path. While it is easy to buy premade lemonade at the store, there is something special about making it from scratch. hi so im writing a tubbo x reader friendship because tubbo is so so so wholesome. READ THIS BEFORE YOU READ!!!! this book includes ships such as, tommy x tubbo, quackity x wilbur, ranboo x tommy, ect. His laugh drew you in and his soft spoken voice held you trapped. The beautiful long black hair woman was sitting down in front of the building she stayed at, this building was in the Red Light District. Ranboo moved his hand and stroked tubbos already wet cock, his …. How Many Teaspoons of Juice Is in One Lemon?. Your job seems pretty easy at first. IE 'Mermaid Uzui x Reader' with one or two additional prompts. dsmp dreamsmp mcyt tommyinnit dream wilbursoot tubbo sapnap ranboo georgenotfound wilbur quackity minecraft technoblade dreamwastaken philza dnf karljacobs sbi tommy. ** discontinued after 29 chapters In a world where soulmates meet in the most unlikely of ways. “Ranboo,” you started, “seriously, what is wrong. if he saw u laying down on the couch or the bed, he would go oaver and put his head on ur stomach, and just fall asleep for a good 2 hours 🙌🏻. Content Warnings: x This story delves into heavy themes of angst, hurt, and moments of humor and fluff. After some rough patches and broken friendships the bond you share is perfect. You've been neglected by your parents and …. ranboolive ranboo tommyinnit tubbo dreamsmp dsmp mcyt wilbursoot tubbolive tommy dream minecraft georgenotfound technoblade sapnap wilbur dreamwastaken philza twitch benchtrio. Welcome To Hell Bitch — It's the Cat's Life for Me. The book that brought you the U Read the most popular xreader stories on Wattpad, the …. M/n is a shapeshifter who nobody knows what he looks like since he always takes the form of somebody M/n would also doesn't know who he is and even forgotten his na reader. [RANBOO X HISPANIC READER] After Dream invited you to play among us with his friends. Soon enough tubbo had passed out in Tommy's arms, still clinging to him and knotted tightly. “Aren’t they awesome! They are a bee!”. Hitoshi Shinsou X Reader Oneshots by Alyssa. An androgynous prisoner of war from a neighboring clan seems to be her best bet; Jasper feels that if she's being forced to mate with a man, it should at least be him. A girl had commented on another tweet about me and Tubbo. Read the most popular oikawaxreader stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. And soon the kiss had grown messier, saliva dripping from ranboo and tubbos mouths. The enderman hybrid who is tall, has a heart made out of gold and looks that anyone could envy. Five to six lemons produce about 1 cup of lemon juice. Helluva boss x Succubus reader by constellqtions 14. Hands in each other’s, Laughs and sounds coming out both of your mouths. Pairings: c!Tubbo and piglin hybrid, gn!Reader, c!Ranboo and piglin hybrid, gn!Reader, Michael and piglin hybrid, gn!Reader (All platonic) Warnings: None! Request: Anon asked “Could I please request for you write something where the reader is ranboo and tubbo’s friend that is a piglin hybrid, so they take them to meet …. You see two feet inter the room. started: 30/03/22 completed: 28/03/23 sapnap Completed. Chris Afton x reader by Kitty_catpup. * This is An x [[[READER]]] book * Cartoon/animated Characters Only (excluding Anime) alternateuniverse; kataow; oneshot +22 more # 8. Once the star dies, that soul will be reborn into the Earth. Inside was a black and gold bed. crush; tommyinit; tubboxoc +8 more # 2. They are widely used for everything from resumes to legal contracts. onepiece; zoroxreader; zoro +2 more # 18. If the character is tagged, it's fair game. And that's the last thing Jasper wants to do. The Health Benefits of Simply Lemon: What You Need to Know. Tubbo laid in bed, wondering how the "date" would go, he heard a ding from his phone, he opens the message "Goodnight bee boy" he smiled reading that it was Ranboo who had sent it "Night memory boy" he sent and put his phone down, he grabbed his big bee plushie and hugged it wishing it were Ranboo, as he drifted off to sleep he held on tight to. Then, you’re in a museum, listening to the curator passionately indulge you on the seemingly infinite ghastliness of a mere butterfly. TubboInnit(Tubbo x Tommy), Tomboo(Tommy x Ranboo), and Ranmybo(Ranboo x Tommy x Tubbo) oneshots. All was well, until you found yourself eavesdropping on a conversation, …. NO SMUT! Basically, a simple story of where y/n, who is GeorgeNotFound's sister, falls in love with a boy named Tubbo. I let out muffled moans into the pillow as Ranboo groaned from behind me, whispering sweet nothings into my ear “I love you. On the day of their wedding, Dream crashed it and takes y/n as prisoner. Completed Male/Ftm Reader x random. Too Sweet (For This World) Yandere!C!Ranboo x F!Reader x Yandere!C!Tubbo. Discover more posts about tubbo x reader. He pulled out a bread stick and held it out for you to take it. Here are some tips on how to g. TommyInnit (Video Blogging RPF) Toby Smith | Tubbo. Tubbo gasped and ran over " are you alright!. x reader on Tumblr">#ranboo x reader on Tumblr. Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence. As I ran through the jungle I could hear the tree branches and leaves behind me snap and crunch from the weight of my pursuer. Now you see, it would have been easier to forget and run away. Tubbo let out soft moans and whines, holding onto Tommy's shirt for dear life. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings; Moon & Sun (Five Nights at Freddy's) Moon/Sun (Five Nights at Freddy's) Sun (Five Nights at Freddy's) & Reader. imhereforfan-fic : Omg can you do another yandere tubbo x reader x yandere ranboo romantic relationship please? Maybe where they get kidnapped by the dream team? Oh …. Just one problem: a strange girl just shows up …. Glamrockfreddyxreader Stories. " I waited for a bit, and then Tubbo came out. Bellflower The clever younger sister of the Mario brothers. But, the road to her goal takes an unexpected turn. NO SMUT: Tubbo/Toby is a MINOR! HEADS UP: tubbo said he is only uncomfortable if there isn't any smut in the story or gross stuff, which I don't write anyway. ⚠️no tommy x tubbo⚠️ tommyinnit and tubbo x male/nb!reader (mostly male) uncompleted start: 31. Fighting to solve a case that will change the course of humanity. Not only is it a convenient way to add flavor to your drinks and dishes, but it also has numerous health benefits. Mario and Meggy have loved each other for quite some time and they took it to the next level. For a few years, I was a strong and exclusive Kindle believer. This is a Baldis basics x reader! Where you, fall in love with an insane summer school teacher and change his heart. x There is combat and training, which may involve. x Gojo's character may display toxic traits at times. a wrong number situation mixed with a girl who believes in the smallest of cliches, with no exception to her own situation. The bee hybrid rocks back and forth on their heels, barely standing still. REQUESTS: currently closed <3 #2 in: bees #738 in: cute #735 in: mcyt #458 in: tubbo #429. You who was born with a red scarlet-like eyes are abandoned by your parents in the age of 9, thinking that you will just become a threat to their life. I checked my phone and i missed a text from wilbur. Part 2 of PhantomChefofHearts' Kinktober 2022 One-Shots. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings;. 22 This book will NOT contain Smut or lemon!. i'm here you can always talk with me. Your village is attacked by Upper 2 and Upper 3. It was slow and sloppy but Ranboo didn’t mind. I hope you enjoy these one-shots. Square Reader is a powerful and convenient tool for businesses to accept payments from customers. L'Manberg War, served as its first Secretary of State under the Soot Administration, and supported POG2020 during the election. teddy — ♡ Tubbo Masterlist. Oneshot: Tubbo x reader x Ranboo. Friction occurs, and you’re dragged to the depths of the ocean. Read stories about #beeboy, #fanfiction, and #dream on Wattpad, recommended by SOOBIETHEBOOBIE. Badboyhaloxreader Stories. one piece x shoto todoroki Shoto Todoroki had no intentions of travelling into another completely different world that involves Piracy and Maritime. Can he hide both a big secret and a huge crush as well as leading a normal life. Mcyt oneshots I no longer write oneshots so these are some old ones you may enjoy!. When substituting lemon concentrate for real lemon juice in a recipe, use two tablespoons of bottled lemon juice to replace the juice of one lemon. “Lemon” is a color term used in dog breeding to denote a particular kind of yellow. 8K 24 5 - Manga spoilers - possibly lemons Yeah, well I don't know exactly what I'm going to write yet. As long as we stay with each other by BrokenGlass. Welcome, to the Land of Lemons. Your older brother Jake invited you to move in with him and his friends. Some pollen lands on his fingers, rubbing off of the bee’s body. Helluva boss x reader by Emykitty. His hand slides down to my bottom and as he grabs it I gasp, giving his tongue access to my mouth. fluff - 🥰 angst - 💢 smut - 😏 ( ↑ h. Discover more posts about ranboo x reader. A feared warrior and merciless. Reader | Fanfiction Romance Wilbur Soot x reader Wilbur Soot x OC. The Letters {Tubbo X Fem!Reader} by Cr3sc3nt Fandoms: DreamSMP, tubbo - Fandom, mcyt, Minecraft (Video Game), X reader - Fandom, female reader - Fandom Teen And Up Audiences; No Archive Warnings Apply; F/F, F/M; Complete Work; 21 Feb 2022. Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free program that allows you to view and edit PDFs quickly and easily. Billzo (Video Blogging RPF)/You. Chapter 4: 7 minutes Tubbo and Tommy shot up immediately excited but weren't prepared for the games the adults had in mind. If you love One Piece men and you're a horny loner, this is the place for you lil buddy! This book BNHA Lemons. My Nihachu (Female Reader x Nihachu) by Oliver / Ninux. Current Pokemon: #143 Snorlax/Female Reader (Size Kink, Rough Sex, Cum Inflation, Eggpreg, Somnophilia) Part 4 of Pokémon. It’s a day like any other, Ranboo was streaming, he was playing in a Survival Multiplayer in Minecraft, It was called the DreamSMP, Ranboo spoke to Tubbo normally, but then he heard Tubbo’s doorbell ring. Dis aleeady says wat it is from da title. One time Tommy begged y/n to play with him and go on the dream SMP when she does she clicks with tommy's best …. Hot This is another Wilbur x Reader Story, hope you like it:) *** Disclaimer, the title of the story has …. Child!Trapper x Child!Reader [OneShot] Imma do slasher x reader one shots and I might have some with several parts if You may also like Madness Ghostface x Reader. PDFs are a great way to share documents with others, but they can be difficult to view and edit without the right software. It allows users to view, print, and annotate PDF documents with ease. 259K 5 This book will NOT contain Smut or lemon!. Male Wednesday X Female Black Reader While attending Nevermore academy for her 3rd year at Nevermore Academy, Y/N L/N helps Wednesday and her friends get down to the bot fantasy; addamsfamily; love +12 more # 19. This story WILL NOT include lemon/Smut, Tommy is a minor and he feel uncomfortable when people sexualize him. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. I Want You ( Natsu X Reader Lemon) 1M 18K 73. But in the end, a lot of them did say thank you. sleepy boys inc x gn! teen! reader hc. Chapter 1: Experimentation (M Arcanine x F) Porn(Lemon) Stats: Published: 2021-08-16 Updated: 2023-05-27 Words: 28,394 Chapters: 11/? Comments: 94 Kudos: 660 Bookmarks: 103 Hits: 84,606. After meeting them, your e/c eyes meet with ocean blue eyes, you quickly fell in love after you Just a little Colby Brock world we all would love to be. will contain smut ;) Two best friends, Phoebe and Olive, are doing a semester abroad in London. Tommy had decided to go play outside. After they moved Y/n's shiny umbreon went mi When Y/N's parents move and leave them in the wrong destination, they meet a student named Nemona whom they go on a journey with. They were kids; so young, so naïve. She soon realizes that it's the dream smp Hello! This is my very first story on wattpad. Whether you need to open an important document, read an e-book, or fill out a form, having a reliable PDF reader is crucial. but when y/n wanted to start streaming her …. AU Sans x Reader Lemons and Oneshots Welcome to the picking menu! Here you can select the Sans you desire most, set orderly in an ABC menu fashion! Don’t see the sans you want? Tell me the AU name with a provided link and I will check it out and prepare the dish you desire! Smut, fluff, oneshot or angst!. Tubbo POV: He kept playing with himself until he got a weird feeling, like someone was watching him. "omg y/n i cant wait ive missed you !" tubbo says in return. His love trickled down the nozzle of his gun, hoping to corrupt you, stain you with his infectious emotions. This will be a BTS x reader One-Shots book. They cared for her and accepted her despite her destructive powers. Original Character (s) - Character. (Baki Hanma x Reader) by qvula. Onceler x Reader One-Shots by Μπλερ. As soon as he stepped out of his vehicle with his current attire consisting of: a sky blue, long sleeve dress shirt with a name tag on his left breast, matching with the color of his navy blue slacks and ending it off with a pair of dark …. Double date (Fem!reader x Marshall by Bonnie Sparks. You were a knight, more specifically the Lady Ren, stuck amidst six other manly knights, including your Master Kylo Ren. He snickered and rolled his eyes. You come home from work, and find that Monika has a surprise for you. König (Call of Duty)/Reader. He didn't notice Tubbo pull his now saliva covered fingers out of his mouth. in order for you guys to get this done you have to work together after school, you can't get him to even look at you or even engage in conversation. Discover more posts about mcyt x reader smut. IMPORTANT: MINI’s are automatically SinVerse Sans’ to less complicate things, there are also skeleton OC’s available to request with them such as The Opposites, The TEN and The Neutrals. dreamnoblade technoblade dream mcyt dreamwastaken bottomdream sapnap dreamsmp technodream georgenotfound techno tubbo tommyinnit philza dreambur dreamnotfound dsmp wilbursoot wilbur badboyhalo. You're the assistant for the Blazing Trio Agency, Kirishima, Bakugou and Todoroki being your bosses. [One Piece, Various x Reader] NSFW/Smut. Request:hey can you do smut prompt 1,6 and 9 with blaze hybrid/nether prince sapnap while he’s like in the middle of rut Prompt:1 6 9 ‘yeah baby arch just like that’ ‘im going to fuck a baby into you’ stay still while i knot you baby’ ——————-Sapnap x reader————–. Go check that book out too to further understand the story! I do not own the story cover image, nor any images and videos that I may add. There may be things like cuddling and kissing, at worst. Technoblade (Video Blogging RPF) Wilbur Soot. How Much Lemon Concentrate Equals One Lemon?. Y/n quickly went in to kiss him, pressing her naked chest against him. SCP-4480 // A Ranboo SCP AU by TigerTamer14. A/N: yes, I know Tommy and Tubbo are straight. 9K 895 37 "Two arch-enemies both hate each other to death!. If Tubbo is uncomfortable with any of this, msg me, and I can take this d #ranboo #tommyinnit #tubbo #tubboxreader. Tommy is more than willing to be that someone. One makes its way to the pair, buzzing around them happily. Turbo x Reader {lemon} Apr 16, 2013 3 min read Add to Favourites By ccsturtlegirl Published: Apr 16, 2013 Favourites Comments 10. It's just a regular day- er, night- in Manberg. texttospeech, dreamteam, georgenotfound. #Quackity x Male Reader on Tumblr. Going on wild adventures through life, and figuring out how she belong onepiece. Under pressure and surprised by your own feelings, you run away, leaving a heartbroken Ranboo having to face alone the consequences of your actions. See a recent post on Tumblr from @rats-write about tubbo x reader. Encanto (Camilo Madrigal x Reader) by The Little Writer. Right now I was running away from a GIGANTIC anaconda. There was a new door to the left of the desk, it had been left slightly ajar. Imagines: Road Trip - ☆♧ ↳ Summary: You, Tommy, and Tubbo have a field trip together, making memories along the way | 140+ words Among Us - ☆♧♣♡ ↳ Summary: You play among us with some of your friends and events unfold as you‘re paired with your best friend as imposters. Ranboo/TommyInnit (Video Blogging RPF). Facing reality and actually dealing with it always seems like such a hard skill to master. The hybrid bit his lip and looked down. Aquí nos gustaría mostrarte una descripción, pero el sitio web que estás mirando no lo permite. Request: wait would it be cringe if i like. An introverted hermit that prefers books to the internet. Credit to them as always)) Well as the title says, random one …. You my friend, yes you, are a highly trained assassin who turned into a vigilante with 𝔡𝔞𝔫𝔤𝔢𝔯𝔬𝔲𝔰 quirks. tommyinnit x tubbo by back from deleted. I’m American, so things might not be correct. Pairing: Purpled x Reader, Ranboo x Reader, Tommy x Reader, Tubbo x Reader. B-Bastard ~ • Eddsworld Tord X Reader • NSFW Lemon Smut Fanfic • Story Cover Not Mine ~ lemons; nsfw; tord +6 more # 13. ,,soulmate au,, in which kenma got stuck with the fate of having his soulmate appear in his dr haikyuufanfic. Xiao wasn't pulling away so neither would She, her heart was screaming "kiss him kiss him" over and over. On Hiatus as working on other projects that better represent me as a writer, this book is honestly Katsuki Bakugo x Reader ️ ( lemon 🍋) 4 parts. On a cold summer night, the doorbell at the Encanto house rang. Read the most popular toby stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. you'll pull plenty of pranks together. The door to the office slammed open and Schlatt barged in, Quackity behind him. -----Tubbo was falling asleep, tommy was snoring softly. Keep the Lights On (Sundrop/Moondr by Alex. Wattpad">Tommyxreader Stories. Daughter of a hitman and an ex-mafia leader now five-star general, Sydney is a force to be reckoned with as she changes the tide on the island. Just a collection of Oneshots, Imagines and Headcannons for Fnaf Security Breach. An adventurous archaeologist finds himself teaming up with a dragon historian as they uncover a long-buried secret that will reshape the history of their entire world. After a twisted day of seeing your mother peacefully lay under the ground beneath your feet, you decided to return to the Poppy Playtime Co. No one knows where they came from or why, but humanity wanted to know as much as possib Read the most popular sapnap stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. Warning: yandere, fighting mentioned, stalking, fear of abandonment, anxiety, stealing, kidnapping, the egg. Fighting Side By Side by AlphaDasiy. This is just for the male simps ok! Btw I’m not shipping Tommy and Tubbo, just dating Y/N! No smut Tommy and Tubbo are under age! words:620. ----- Ranboo x fem oc IRL x Instagram x Twitter D Completed. After several failed attempts at settling into this new job Tony had ended up at this particular school. But strange things started to happen once she decided to take a coffee break. Summary: This was a request by Smuttinhaler! This is what they requested: ranboo and tubbo wanna try something new, so tubbo handcuffs ranboo to the bed and blindfolds him and does whatever with him. Her eyes felt heavy and her body felt warm. A book of Lloyd x Reader oneshots cause I make a l o t and I don't wanna fill up my randomness with them lol. all the aftons will be included it this but main is anannya afton x male reader so please be respectful it's for all the people who simp for her. I woke up and saw Tubbo sleeping. Completed This book will NOT contain Smut or lemon!. Your thoughts were stopped by a knocking on the door. He's a persistent vigilante that is known to be quite a hassle for heroes, always managing to slip away from their sights into the shadows. He looked up and saw ranboo leaning in the doorway, a smug look on his face. Aether (Genshin Impact)/Reader. I've been taking story requests on what types of monsters and beasts to write about on tumblr and such, here are the products! Reader is written as gender non-specific unless stated otherwise in the beginning. You just got a job working at Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex as a technician for an animatronic. tubbo flinched and held me tighter. Pinky promise Ranboo x Fem OC by …. from the story tubbo X Reader by amandawastaken6769 with 3,542 reads. Tubbo grins back at you, his eyes shining. Well, what’s left for her is to learn how to use a sword and help the protagonist make his sister. -platonic :)- Tubbo is almost 18, his 18th birthday is coming up in a few days time, but it happens right on the day before he has to move away from his childhood best f Completed. my names (y/n) I wasn't really surprised when I ended up in hell. [2021] [Book 1/3 of the Dream Completed. And now, with their cyborg student, they. The only woman I ever truly loved. "you had a piece of grass stuck to your face. Forever With You ~ Tubbo x Reader Fanfiction. Tubbo gave him a simple nod, and Tommy pulled his pants and boxers down in one swift motion, leaving Tubbo exposed. Lemon juice cannot be substituted for lemon extract because the flavor is not as strong. Genshin Impact X Reader Oneshots. Akaza x f! reader // fanfiction by JustOneMoreEpisods. your boyfriend//AFTER DARK// by disbootyprecious. Trying to have a child is always a two-way job, with both partners having to make an effort for a new life to emerge. Tentacle Monster/Eldritch Horror x Reader, Summary: A casual stroll through the street market leads to odd encounter at the local beach. The whole storyline is already planned out, I just need to finish writing it :) Lemon (12) Fluff (11) Angst (11) Love (11) Cowboys & Cowgirls (10) Hell (9) Humor (6) Other tags to include. Y/n was abandoned as a child and lived in a orphanage with a shiny umbreon. You searched for this! Let me know if you have any ideas, just tell me the relationship, world(IRL, DreamSMP, OriginsSMP), and the title. Your group decided to go and head to a big video-game shop you had all heard of and found a bus to take you there, but due to your group being made up of 5 people, you had to sit by yourself, though you …. 𝕃𝕖𝕒𝕘𝕦𝕖 𝕠𝕗 𝕧𝕚𝕝𝕝𝕒𝕚𝕟𝕤 𝕆𝕟𝕖 𝕤𝕙𝕠𝕥𝕤. Your friends, family, acquaintances had zero clue about your treason with the land of the living—the amount of rules that you had broken accepting the task. this will include other people but it mainly focuses on y/n and tubbos friendship. 21/06/18 - Tubbo and Quackity argue about walls near Las Nevadas; 21/06/18 - Foolish tries to stop Tommy from kidnapping Slime; 21/06/18 - Ranboo builds a farm at Walltown 21/06/30 - Ponk tells Foolish about his Lemon tree; 21/07/09 - Ponk asks Foolish for a favor; 21/07/20 - Sapnap and George talk with Mexican Dream; 21/08/03 - Jack's one. You are a local of Ponyville who has equipped Babs Seed, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie with magical necklaces that turn them into cowgirls. Tubbo didn't notice him, his head was thrown back and the door was quiet. Tommy, Tubbo and Ranboo immediately ran forward and started a barrage of attacks on the masked psychopath while Foolish ran over and began to work on the chains binding you to the chair. I Fell In Love With My Professor And He Raped Me. Always and Forever (Lloyd x Female by AreYouForReal54321. I heard a soft boy say as he sat next to me in the cafeteria table. After being falsely accused of harassing a classmate, Y/n moves schools, and the classmate dies. but when y/n wanted to start streaming her fame came quickly and made tommy very happy. wrong number- dreamwastaken by lauvr3 <3. Read the most popular tubboxreader stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. ϟA Severus Snape X reader love storyϟ [on hold until I find motivation to continue it] The reader is the only Ravenclaw who was part of the Marauders. POV Change: Ranboo A trip with y/n and Tubbo, that's gonna be fun. You've been crushing on them since day one, and suspect they might have a thing for you too, but you've been discouraged because of your weight and failures. I sat down in the meme boat Tubbo had brought, and just spun around, waiting for the two of them to finish up. tubbo x reader on Tumblr">#tubbo x reader on Tumblr. Your head snapped back to the front of the room to see a boy standing there, hovering awkwardly just inside the door. I plan to write about the following ships. Xenomorph Characters (Alien Series)/Reader. Onceler x Reader, Greedler x Reader, Jojo x Reader, Ted x Reader, ECT. Read Oneshot: Tubbo x reader x Ranboo from the story MCYT preferences (Discontinued) by F0rg0tten_St0ries with 5,195 reads. Techno: Next time I'm at the pet store, I'm gonna take a hamster and drop it in the scorpion cage. He's always wanted a little sister to dote on and protect, even having desires that went beyond the normal, personified into a chirping, cheerful little girl in a hentai mag. If Tubbo is uncomfortable with any of this, msg me, and I can take this d # ranboo # tommyinnit # tubbo # tubboxreader -Chapter Seventeen- 17K 400 1. That’s when your partner, your lovley partner who’d never hurt you, walked in. Hope you guys enjoy! rm; one-shots; xreaders +14 more # 18. Feel free to request anything, within my rules, of course. She and her coworkers work on researching hybrids. these are a collection of oneshots from yours truly! there will be; fluff, (little) angst, and smut shots in here. She placed a gentle hand on his shoulder and pulled him closer. It's Tubbos and Ranboos first day back at school, and last year their friends (Tommy and Technoblade) had a huge fight. This is just gonna be fluff and cute! And maybe a bit of angst, but not too much. Charitable - DreamNotFound by rosie. Your hand presses flat to the wall for balance as laughter sounds from the TV, the light flickering. She then made you lay on the bed as she carefully sat on your dick. But, (Y/N) is sent to train with Urokodaki-san in Water Breathing demonslayer. A beautiful girl he sees everyday. During the fight against Leona’s overblot- Yuu had to do an awful lot of jumping, running and such. Candy pop x reader GOD DAMN CLOWN. If you’re a fan of citrusy cocktails, then the perfect lemon drop martini is a must-try. Spiders, Radios, and Demons by flufluv3421. sun wukong knew how to take care of horses when he worked in the celestial realm as a stable boy but when he met another man who owned his own horses he found he wants t swkxreader. ℂ𝕠𝕟𝕥𝕣𝕠𝕝𝕝𝕖𝕕 𝕃𝕠𝕧𝕖 - Dre by Oriana. Cuptoast | Crumb (Video Blogging RPF) Y/n comes from the forest, they have lived alone most their life. Baldi x Reader Lemon by Leah/Kit. 2K 676 14 "How did you beat me?. Most of these come from requests on my Tumblr but I felt I should post stuff here too! Read the most popular glamrockfreddyxreader stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. However, no one is allowed to know that she's Dream's sister. 6K 67 7 This is a story of how obsessed Wally and Yandere reader met, it all started when (y/n) came to the random world being a normal Yandere on Wally's website arg. Adobe Reader is a software that allows you to view, print and comment on PDF documents. Tokito Muichiro x Original Character. mcyt x male reader!! I only write gender neutral, they/them or he/him pronouns, I will not do she/her (I'm sorry!) Please only request in the request page :3 #badboyhalo #dream #dreamsmp #fundy #georgenotfound #minecraft #minecraftyoutubers #quackity #skeppy. mcyt; awesamdude; theeret +20 more # 10. Thay looked at me for a second and scratched the back on there head 'well I dont like scaring my friends away so I made that rule' I question them again 'why would you scare them off?'. female various x male reader 6 (Request Close). Following a horrible set of events, the group have found that they need each other more than ever. Ink Demon (s) (Bendy and the Ink Machine) Poor Bendy (Bendy and the Ink Machine) Mute Boris (Bendy and the Ink Machine) In 1973, Y/N was a regular artist of ArchGate, who loved to draw Bendy, the little demon. Lemon; intimate; Wholesome; Roxanne Wolf Needs a Hug (Five Nights at Freddy's) Protective Roxanne Wolf (Five Nights at Freddy's) Summary. Pirates | Luffy x reader x Zoro by God. Tw: Ya ndere, manipulation, possessive behavior, …. Imperial year 1159 a nun of Garreg Mach monastery dies mysteriously during child birth leaving behind her beloved daughter Byleth. Read the most popular ranbooxtubbo stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. But all of the changes when he meets Geroge, a rare male omega. How to Use the Free Adobe Acrobat Reader to View and Edit PDFs. weed is currently taking a break: may I request hc's of tubbo. Bnha Mirio x Tamaki lemon by Mackirra Lycan. Giyuu x Reader SMUT] meizuno (kiyamani) Summary: You get back from being away and buy your lover Giyuu a promise ring, and things go a bit off track, Work Text: You quietly walked into your shared house with your lover, you wanted to surprise him with a gift after being away for so long. Dead by Daylight Oneshots/Lemons/Headcannons. I'm on my iPod, so I will upload it as an art later. It felt weird to Ranboo, being forced by a puny human. Here, you will find the lemons of Hetalia Characters. Currently fixing some chapters. " Beast Tamer " Technoblade x Reader When YN, an insecure maiden that was kidnapped by pillagers to raise their Ravagers was saved by the Blood God. Do not ask ‘when will the next chapter be out’ that shit is annoying I’ll. He was my teacher at university, and I his student. You wish you'd had the chance to not have said anything, You wish you'd been rude and cruel. Even if it's stupid to look back, because you actually cared too much. Platonic! Dsmp! Various x Hybrid! Male! Reader _____ "I just want to go back home, but I know that I can't. -You and Quackity met whilst you were on holidays with your friend-group travelling all around Mexico. Spitting some of your water out on him you looked at him shocked. I wanna see what a hamster's face looks like when it goes, "oh, fuck. Striker (Helluva Boss)/Reader. (y/n) is an 11-year-old girl/boy who was friends with Chris Afton but (y/n) had a tiny crush on Chris she/he would always think about Chris and how cute he was how his s. but thanks to her mentioning me I saw it. The only problem with this is that his boss keeps touching him. The rain pelted me hard as i sauntered up the walk way and stood out side on the door steps of the last person i thought i was going to see tonight. Creepypasta x Reader Lemons by Writer: Subject 3002. if you simply have ears and a tail (like a cat or dog hybrid) he is still happy to meet you. Wilbursootxreader Stories. All you hear in the pounding of you heart. Smuttiness, Death, Tentacles, and Size Difference. Calm (GiyuuxReader) by lunarshadows22. Pairings: Gojo x Reader (Main Couple), Fushiguro x Reader. Yourboyfriendgame Stories. But, backed into a corner and given no other choice, Jasper picks a mate. I look like someone tried torching a steak. Ranboo x reader blurb based on my immense anxiety around my sensory outbursts. "tubbo guess what im flying in to come see you !" you tell tubbo very excitedly. lloydxreader; ninjago; lloyd +1 more # 20. Hi friends! This is my book of BFB oneshots! You can request Character x Reader, but most oneshots will be Character x Character. A lemon Basset Hound is a dog of the Basset Hound breed with blond fur. Demon slayer x Reader One-shots And Lemons REQUEST TEMPORARILY CLOSED Fanfiction. If you force someone to be with you, they’ll grow to resent you,” she spoke with a fire in her eyes. Tommy parted from Tubbo's neck, hooking his fingers under the shorter's waistband and looking up at him, looking for confirmation. A young woman stood outside, holding an umbrella as snow drifted down from the skies. My queen bee (A !!YANDERE!! Tubbo x Reader). MY brain is to tired to think of a backstory so you can think of it yourself. 💙💛🍎Your new home🍎💛💙 (Wally x by Jingle brioche bun. I hate x readers no offence if y’all like them) Ill do anything just make sure you have :-The ship-The kinks-The basic plot-how you want the smut-Etc. While there is a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader available, there are also. "Beast Tamer" Technoblade X Reader by Moon. Original Hazbin Hotel Character (s) you and your younger brother Anthony were inseparable but when you both died you blamed each other you went separate ways you become the most power full overlord in hell just above Alastor and he became a porn star a puppet for a overlord you reunite after 75 years in hell. Factory after an argument wi Completed. This book contains various oneshots for characters from My Hero Academia. Includes Ghoul x Reader and Ghoul x Ghoul. ranboolive ranboo tommyinnit tubbo dreamsmp dsmp mcyt wilbursoot tubbolive tommy dream minecraft georgenotfound technoblade sapnap wilbur dreamwastaken philza twitch benchtrio 805 Stories Sort by: Hot. I was bored, but enjoy this totally legitimate lemon about a psychotic math teacher slappin' ur sweet arsse with a ruler. Reality Sucks, Let's Try Something Else. we then heard yelling, glass breaking, and police sirens all coming from downstairs. chrisaftonxreader; michaelaftonxreader; williamaftonxreader # 5. male; man; thegrappler +5 more # 9. When a secluded ghost at the edge of the world receives a strange visitor, he remembers why he willed this dangerous plot to house his bones in the first place. Pairing: Ranboo x Reader, Tommy x Reader, Tubbo x Reader, Purpled x Reader. Anannya Afton x male reader lemons by Anannya. How to Install a Free PDF Reader. All expectations are dropped when they discover that they're roommates, f wilbursmut. Everything about him a enemies; ranbooxreader; dreamsmp +4 more # 3. A wide variety of things can happen behind closed doors. Murdoc was out on a run to get some instruments to start a new band during a small break up of Gorillaz. The Queen of the Dark Lands by Iron Cheeks. For years, Skeppy has felt as if someone's been watching him in his own house. collection of zoro x readers since i love zoro so much i thought i would write a bunch of these and post it see how you like them thanks for reading. Tommy has been friends and neighbors to Tubbo for a long time now. his fame was unexpected and made y/n very proud of her brother. Tubbo's been sick for the past couple of days and Tommy, to put it kindly, is sick of it. Part 9 of Busting It Down, Sexual Style (Dream SMP Kinktober 2022-2023) Language: English. The cutest little cat hybrid ever. I know it says 'MCYT', but it does include some other content creators that aren't mcyts ⊱ ────── {. !" ~~♠♣♥♦~~ We continued to walk, me following behind him. her family all died cause of demons. He was pestering his human parents about wanting to. no, this is not a one-shot book, this is going to be a storyI do not own you, or any of the MCYT featured in this story, I only own the story. Read the most popular wilbursmut stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. When mating season passes by Natsu starts to feel its effects. Adult TommyInnit (Video Blogging RPF) 18-Year-Old TommyInnit (Video Blogging RPF) "Tommy I told you before we went to bed I'm jus' out of the mood," you found comedy in your play on words, still sleepy, and giggled to yourself. ᴵ ᶜᵃⁿ'ᵗ ᵗᵉˡˡ ʸᵒᵘ ʰᵒʷ ᵗᵒ ˢᵘʳᵛⁱᵛᵉ ʷʰᵃᵗᵉᵛᵉʳ ⁱᵗ ⁱˢ ʸᵒᵘ'ʳᵉ ᵍᵒⁱⁿᵍ ᵗ transformers. With its intuitive dashboard, you can easily track and manage your transactions, view customer data, and even customize your checkout experien. Chat wait for a bit, I'm gonna turn my face cam off for a bit. Lemons stored at room temperature yield more juice than lemons stored in the refrigerator. if he finds anything shiny, he’s def giving it to you. In a turn of events her Father attempt. Then immediately megatron spotted you. she was a worker, Her costumers demonslayer. My Perfect, Little Gilt - Techno x Ranboo. ranboo x tubbo smut 67948 stories for dream, dreamsmp, mcyt, ranboo, technoblade, tommyinnit, tubbo, wilbursoot, The best collection of stories. Uzui Tengen x Reader - His Princess: A story in which (y/n) is part of the Rengoku family. Tubbo tucked his face into Tommy's neck, breathing heavily while the taller boy continued to stroke him, eventually wrapping a hand around Tubbo's shaft and pumping him slowly. You're adorable Tubbo and I ha. They/Them Pronouns for Ranboo (Video Blogging RPF) 97 percent pure crack. A collection of 5 NSFW sentences for each of the different Pokemon that can be found in the Pokedex. Transported into a world much unlike your own, you’re left to face challenges between yourself mentally and your friends, who seemingly always have some sort of issue going on. 10 Reasons to Use Accelerated Reader With Your Kids. See a recent post on Tumblr from @tohokuu about giyuu smut. Randal Booth is a new kid at Toby and Tommy's high school, he seems familiar, and it raises suspicions amongst the friends. Her face was emotionless but her eyes, their blue depths, betrayed the hurt, the. AU Sans x Reader Lemons and Oneshots MINI UT!Sans x Reader MINI Ink x Reader MINI Variant x Reader MINI HT!Sans x Reader. She's approached by Captain John Price of the Task Force 141 and soon her life is turned upside down. Adobe Acrobat Reader is one of the most popular PDF readers available on the market today. Tubbo laughed softly as he pulled the blanket over his shoulder. Albert Wesker is not a typical individual. Read Tubbo x Reader from the story Dream team x Reader by MaxBaumer with 37,691 reads. In the world of Lemon land, you'll be viewing things that aren't very appropriate for the young ones, but I can't stop anyone from coming here because Ya'll are savages. Grow old with You (Raihan x Reader by KingGeurge. Dream comes home one day with a blond child named Tommy who he was fostering. 5K 220 8 Y/n is a succubus demon who is moxxie's sister and works at I. The family then started noticing some things about their …. Tubbo responded being excited to try out the gift (if you didn’t know already, it’s a vibrator), “Good. summary: when you and tamaki are hit with an aphrodesiac quirk, your boyfriend kirishima graciously talks you through it. Hoodie x reader x Masky lemon Orders From Slenderman. i screamed then covered my mouth to not make so much noise. Tubbo x reader) ⚠Domestic abuse⚠ This was rushed and has not been read through to correct anything so don't at me lol. The ex President was naked, and he raked his eyes over the room. problematic mcyt smutshots. One day she gets a raid by the Streamer Nihachu. please specify in your request: - story prompt? - male or gender neutral reader? - which pronouns? - tommy or tubbo. tubbo +18 more # 11 (SEASON 2!) This is a dream smp x male reader. Here is a story about your favorite purple boy There will be Lemons This is the same book/sequel to Hitoshi Shinsou X Reader Oneshots from hashtagnoodles but my other ac. Tubbo pushed three fingers into Ranboo's watery wet mouth. 19-20-year-old reader Ethnicity is your choice The reader lives in the USA The reader goes by he/him Will have slow updates (sorry) mcytxmalereader. Natasha is an assassin on the run. you moaned as you rolled over in your bed. I closed my eyes and swayed to the music. He would have loved to make Tubbo make him cum but that was for another time. Tommyinnit x reader by Mcyt_stannn 65. You skeptically took the bag from him as you saw his hands shaking. Dysphoric (DNF-ftmGeorge) [GNF x OC] When Aria is trying to study, but her new. Disclaimer: I will NOT be writing tommy, tubbo and purpled as love interests as y/n is a adult. x reader on Tumblr">#yandere ranboo x reader on Tumblr. Follow me in this crazy adventure of love, lemon, pain, more lemon, surprises, more pain, more lemon, jealous ex-girlfriends, demons, cats, more lemon. And he certainly didn't notice Tubbo say he was starting to prepare himself with. hazbinhotel; moxxie; alastor +9 more # 14. A Toy Friend's History (A Poppy Pl by Embrys_stories. I wont come into the camera view. if he finds anything shiny, he's def giving it to you.