Sig Romeo 1 Pro Footprint Compatibility Features TruHold lockless zeroing system. Three friends of mine and I have the Romeo 1 pro red dot on our pistols. I've also written quite a few posts on the M9A4 (first thoughts link). Hawke Endurance 1×25 and 1×30 red dot sights also use a footprint slightly different from the Aimpoint Micro one. I came across Scalarworks Micro mount and it says it's compatible with the Aimpoint T2, Primary Arms, and Sig Sauer type micro optics. Posted on May 31, 2021 • by Travis Pike 6 Minute Read 3 Comments I can't keep track of Sig's new releases. But when you add the Juliet 3 Micro Magnified to the Sig Romeo MSR and make it a combo you really spice up the offering. Features 12 brightness settings, and the buttons are much easier to adjust than Leupold DeltaPoint Pro. The new interface design consists in a 2mm (0. Best Sig M18 Red Dot Sight. Sig Sauer hosted its pre-SHOT annual media event, near Las Vegas the day before the 2020 show. Leupold DeltaPoint Pro Red Dot Sight, 2. He says he already has roughly 1k rounds with the optic and likes the circle dot on the small window. As Hody905 said, you can look at having someone mill it to further accept a different optic. SIG SAUER ROMEO2 Reflex Red Dot Sights. Sig R1pro/Romeo 2/Leupold DPP all share the same mount pattern and are direct fit. Springfield Armory GE5077STNDRET Hex Dragonfly Red ">Q&A for Springfield Armory GE5077STNDRET Hex Dragonfly Red. As you’d expect, the Sig Romeo1Pro dropped on the AXG without issue. Mount your ROMEOZero-R reflex sight with shroud to a pistol with an RMR footprint with this screw kit. You will not need to purchase an adapter plate, it will fit directly to the slide. Out Of Stock / Not Available For Back Orders: 1: $459. Yes, the SIG SAUER Universal Reflex Sight 45 Degree Offset Mount is compatible with the Sig Romeo 1 as well as many other optics and footprints including RMR, Deltapoint Pro, RMSc and more. After they got the military contract for the M17, they dropped it because the military demanded DPP cuts since the Romeo1 wasn't remotely up to that standard and Sig doesn't want to have double the slide inventory just to push their unpopular red dots …. He is correct, a little less than 1/16″. The Legion P229 is finished in a Cerakote® Elite Legion gray coating, custom G-10 grips with a Legion medallion, the new SIG SAUER Electro-Optics X-RAY high visibility day/night sights and will ship with three magazines. ADE Universal Converter Red Dot Mounting Plate for converting Any Optic Cut/Plate with RMR/SRO Footprint to Accept red dot Footprint Such as ADE RD3,Vortex Venom/Viper,Burris Fastfire,Shield red dot Compatible with Trijicon RMR/SRO, RD3-019 Stingray, RD3-022 Artemis,RD3-019 Stingray,RD3-020 Raptor,RD3-023 …. Thanks to another helpful post here in on r/canik I was able to pick up a MECANIK MO1 3 MOA Red Dot Optic (or more specifically, an open reflex sight). 5k Location:Spring Valley, Ohio Posted March 22, 2018 I'm interested in a Romeo 1 red dot sight. So all in all, the Eotech EFLX is another amazing red dot sight, and because it features the Delta Point Pro footprint, it’s a perfect match for the Sig M18 right out of the box. You can use micro optics with the Shield RMSc footprint like the Sig Romeo Zero and Romeo Zero Elite. Does the Romeo Zero share the Delta point Pro footprint?. 2 posts · Joined 2022 Add to quote; Share Only show this user #4 · Aug 9, 2022. You would have to either add an adapter plate or file down 2 small nubs to get the holosun to fit which is what I did. The ACSS Vulcan 509T will not work with the 509T optic mount. The ROMEO-X Family will feature forged 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum housings, 15 different illumination settings (3NV), and MOTAC activation. I use a holosun 507c on mine with a springer adapter plate. Furthermore, the R1P/DPP optic cut doesn't have RMR bosses/recoil posts. Plates for RMR Footprint Optic Cuts. The Deltapoint Pro footprint is shared by the Romeo 1 Pro (but not earlier Romeo 1s) and the new EOTech EFLX (although I have not seen them in the wild yet. How The Romeo 1 Pro Out Does Other …. It’s super popular and there’s no way that it can be ignored …. And who knew the Romeo 3 Max would be made available for sale before the Romeo 1 Pro. Micro optics like the Shield Sights RMSc and SIG SAUER Romeo Zero utilize the RMSc footprint and measure approximately 40mm in length. The new P226 Legion RXP is the flagship model in the P226 lineup now with the inclusion of a slide cut to accommodate a ROMEO1PRO optic. Yes, the SIG SAUER Romeo Zero Red Dot Sight uses the Shield RMSc optic footprint and is compatible with the optics ready models of the Shield Plus. I like the Romeo3 Max but can't verify it's compatibility. Hopefully, all will arrive this week. Number 3 on the list is the Crimson Trace RAD Micro Pro. It was very cheap, around $50 i think, but it was a LONG turnaround time. 4 models SIG SAUER Elite V-Crown 9mm Luger 115 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point Brass Cased Centerfire Pistol …. The Romeo One Pro TruHold Lockless Zeroing System uses twin adjustment springs to …. SIG P320 / P226 / P229 Romeo1 to Romeo1 Pro or RMR Footprint …. SIG says that commercial variations of compatible pistols and slides will be coming to the civilian market soon. The Sig Romeo MSR by itself is an interesting product decision for Sig because it directly competes with the Sig Romeo 5 red dot sight. but the smaller micro sights for this might be to small. , Gear Expert, from IL, United States, on July 05, 2019. I'm all jacked up on Mountain Dew From my understanding the ROMEO 1 is a proprietary mounting pattern. SIG SAUER ROMEO1 1x30mm 6 MOA Red Dot Sight | Compact Durable Fogproof Waterproof High-Performance Open Reflex Sight, Compatible with RX/ROMEO1 Footprint 4. I’m using ADE Spike, relatively new, but it’s complete cowitness, aluminum housing and glass lense. ROMEO4T 1x20 mm Red Dot Sight. NcStar VISM FlipDot Pro Swampox Kingslayer Swampfox Liberty RMR 1×22 Swampfox Justice RMR 1×27 Vector Optics Frenzy 1x22x26 To: RMSc Shield RMSc Shield RMSw Shield SMS Sig Sauer Romeo Zero Swampfox Sentinel 1×16 HolosunK SigRomeoZero Riton mPRD. Larger optics like the Leupold Deltapoint Pro and SIG SAUER Romeo 1 Pro also utilize the same footprint but measure up to 46mm in length. The ROMEO2 maintains 25,000 hours of battery life, comes with MOTAC to automatically power the optic on and off, and is compatible with all SIG pistols that have the newer PRO-CUT slide. “The fully sealed ROMEO-M17 is the next revolution in red dot optics; it answers the call to withstand the rigors of the battlefield and works seamlessly with the U. Other features include a new and very robust flexure-arm adjustment system made of the same Beryllium Copper found in many …. Its optic housing is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, which suggests that it was likely produced using the same material as your lower receiver. The SIG SAUER Electro-Optics ROMEOZero ELITE is a premium micro-open reflex sight that’s optimized for concealed carry pistols, slim slide profiles such as single stack 1911s and sub-compact firearms and features an aspherical glass lens with zero distortion. It’s the Sig Sauer Romeo 1 Pro, and let me tell you why this is a fantastic little handgun optic…. The side-access battery opening has a slotted anti-snag cap on the Compact and a slotted, knurled cap on the Pro. The ROMEO1PRO Reflex Sight features a high transmittance red …. ROMEO1PRO™ 1x30MM MINIATURE REFLEX SIGHT …. Compatibility with Sig In this category you can find red dot mounts for these classic Sig models: Sig P225 models Compatibility with red dots These re. I am fairly certain CHPWS makes an adapter plate specifically for that footprint. If you have optics ready model, you can choose from these plates in order to mount the above. This red dot mount allows installation of red dots: Shield SMSc, Shield RMS, Shield RMS 2, Shield RMSc, Shield RMSw, Shield RMSx, Sig Sauer Romeo Zero, Sightmark Mini Shot A-Spec M3, Swampfox Sentinel 1×16, UTG OP3 Mini Micro, Vector …. Sig Sauer P229 red dot mount universal. if i read correctly, the DPP has an RMSc print. The screw binds on the extractor plunger. For $450 i rather add a few more hundred and get it done right. Each P320 XCOMPACT RXP comes standard with two (2) 15rd steel mags. , Q: The Romeo 1 slide cut looks like the Trijicon RMR cut. SIG Sauer accomplishes this via a Point Source Emitter which is more expensive to manufacture than a typical red dot LED emitter which uses a secondary lens to …. These features, along with the signature XSeries flat trigger, all come. The mount is screwed down through the top of the slide. The best red dot sight for Canik Mete SFT depends on your budget and shooting requirements. You may need to change your optic for the R1P, or enlarge the holes on your original Romeo 1 and get the proper screws. SIG SAUER RomeoZero Elite 1x24mm Red Dot Shockproof Open Reflex Handgun Sight Compatible with Springfield Hellcat OSP, Glock G43X MOS & SIG Sauer P365 Optics-Ready Pistols 5 offers from $179. Answers for Will this fit a P320 M. 2 models SIG SAUER ROMEO2 Reflex Red Dot Sights (2) $909. ON January 25, 2023 BY True Pearce. SIG P320 XCompact, Upcoming SIG Romeo 1 Pro & Romeo 2. As if it was meant to be. If you want an enclosed emitter optic for a RMSc footprint handgun or shotgun, the Holosun EPS Carry is the top optic to consider in that category. 5 MOA dot offers maximum control and the 16 hour auto-off feature prevents your battery from draining if you accidentally leave it on. Red Dot Sight For Ruger American Pistol (13). Mounts are designed to replace rear sight in its dovetail cut. We do not carry any adapter plates that would allow you to install the Romeo 1 on your pistol as the Romeo 1 uses a proprietary footprint limiting your mounting options. Red dot compatibility and compensator are certainly nice touches. That’s important when you use the optic as a “handle“ when racking the slide. MSRP on the Elite is set at either $229. *Adapters may take up to 1-2 weeks to ship. Have a Romeo 3 Max but it has a RTS2 mounting pattern and to top it off it is a little longer on the front so it may or not fit a normal RTS2 mount pattern. The Grayguns custom slides with this footprint will accept these optics without needing an . SIG Romeo2: The 3MOA Reflex Red Dot Is Now Ready (No Really). So, when the government wanted the slide to be machined to accept a red-dot sight, SIG went with Leupold's DeltaPoint Pro footprint. 16SIG1860 Romeo1 Manual7400216. The EFLX uses the Delta Point Pro footprint to make mounting to your favorite SIG simple. Toll-Free: I would recommend using a full size optic with the Deltapoint Pro footprint like the Sig Romeo 1 Pro, Romeo Zero Pro, or Eotech EFLX. Canik Optic Mounting Plate #3. Reach out to the pro(s) you want, then share your vision to get the ball rolling. Picatinny mount for Sig Romeo 1 Pro (DPP footprint)?. Can't be both, so which is it? Or is it totally different?. If you grind off the nipples (bosses) on the mount, it will most likely fit on the Romeo mount. slide milling for glock; walther slide milling; this plate requires a romeo 1 pro optic ready cut with rmr holes, refer. Army’s Modular Handgun System,” said Andy York, …. New from SIG Custom Works and developed in collaboration with Team SIG's Daniel Horner, the P320-XFIVE DH3 is designed to offer the perfect blend of competition and tactical features. lightweight mount for Sig Romeo 7s : r/SigSauer. X5 legion red dot sight compatibility. ADE NUWA PRO (RD3-021 PRO)Motion Activated GREEN Dot+66 MOA Circle RETICLE Sight- RMS footprint fits SW MP 5. - XCompact Grip Module with Integrated Magwell. The Sig M18 has an optics ready slide to fit the Sig Romeo1 Pro or Leupold DeltaPoint Pro footprint. Included riser & low profile mount. The Sig Romeo 1 Pro is a relatively new pistol red dot by Sig Sauer that can be bought as a stand-alone optic or as a combo with a Sig P320. The most common issues with the SIG Romeo 1 Pro are MOTAC issues, poor battery life, poor brightness settings and vertical zero drifting. Our subcompact slides (G43/G43x, P365) have a footprint milled for the Shield RMS-C and Sig. An extended beavertail and aggressive trigger guard undercut. The problem is, the Romeo M17 uses a unique mounting footprint, one that has six leverage points and uses 40 pounds of torque with a single . A red-dot-style reflex sight, the Romeo Zero uses the same RMSc footprint that the other optics on this page use. The mount interface on the bottom of the ROMEO-MSR is compatible with other popular red dot sights. Footprint: Sig Sauer Romeo1 1×30: Unique: Buy now: Buy mount: Footprint: Sig Sauer Romeo3 1×25: C-more standard: Buy now: Buy mount: Footprint: Sig Sauer Romeo3 Max 1×30: C-more standard: Buy now: Buy mount: Footprint: Sig Sauer Romeo3 XL 1×35: C-more standard: Buy now: Buy mount: Footprint: Sig Sauer Romeo4: Aimpoint Micro standard: Buy. This SIG SAUER Romeo 1 Pro 1x30 Pistol Red Dot Sight features the signature MOTAC (Motion Activated Illumination System) that powers up when it senses motion and turns off when inactive, saving precious battery life for when you need it most. The P320 X-Five Legion optics-ready slide …. An additional mounting kit (sold separately) is required for use on non-Sig platforms. 41" riser mount with additional lower 1/3 co-witness spacer - Comes standard with see-through lens covers and hex bolt mount - Complete Mil-Spec 810G testing, submersible up to 20 meters - Runtime in excess of 100,000 hours with solar and battery usage. Sig P365-380(make sure your model is exactly called "P365-380", not P360 or P380) Sig P322. sig sauer (romeo 1 pro cut only) smith & wesson m&p; springfield; staccato 2011® taurus; walther; 1911 / 2011; brownells; rmr footprint plates. Loading products Sign up for the newsletter. If you're going to be running red dots on multiple. All-new XSeries 10mm/45 Auto Grip Module. Leupold is the overall best optic for it with its durability, but I went with the Sig romeo 1 pro due to battery life. I just ordered a Romeo1 and an adapter kit that fits 229 models for $22. Designed for use on pistols, it can be installed as an open-emitter, half- or a fully-sealed closed-emitter red-dot sight. The Romeo Zero Elite uses the Shield RMSc optic footprint and fits micro handguns like the P365XL. The SIG Sauer Romeo M17 Red Dot is the latest, most advanced optic from SIG SAUER. Sig Sauer Romeo Zero Elite : r/SigSauer. SIG Romeo Zero R 1x30mm Reflex Optic. Here's an easy question for the optics experts: does the Romeo1 PRO have the same footprint as the Delta Point Pro (DDP)? Asking because I …. The new Romeo1PRO will NOT fit old Romeo1 mounts or slide cuts. The Romeo Zero Reflex is a great red dot for Sig p320, its versatility and adaptability make it one of the best on the market. Its easy to zero and stays zeroed. It depends on the footprint of this item which is not stated. Red dot plates for CZ P-10F Optics Ready. Stick to the Duty Rated Trijicon RMR type 2, the recently much improved Leupold Delta point Pro (models with blue circuit board under battery have all the upgrades), the duty rated Aimpoint Acro P-1, or the Sig Romeo 1 Pro. Read through customer reviews, check out their past projects and then. Choose Your Location Footprint. Thinking about getting an optics ready pistol that's cut for the RMSc / JPoint footprint. 0 & MaddMacs Sig Romeo DT Base 2. The brand new Sig Romeo 7s takes the base full-sized red dot model and shaves off 30%-40% in size, weight, and emitter window. The distance between the sockets in the front (and the sockets for rear recoil lugs as well) is then …. Objective lens is bigger on the Romeo. The Sig Romeo 1 was a pretty solid dot for some of us but the Romeo 1 Pro is the next upgrade based off that. Is there a cross reference chart for red dot fit?. If you are about to mount Sig Romeo 3 Max to a pistol with slide cut, it will not fit as the sight will be longer than the cut. Top 6 Holosun Optics for the Sig Sauer P322 + How to Install. 7 (needs these screws) S&W Equalizer (needs these screws) Canik TP9 Elite SC Bul Armory SAS II Ultralight Mossberg 940 Tactical (Shotgun) Taurus TX22 Compact Taurus GX4, GX4 XL T. New Common-Footprint ROMEO-X Series from SIG Electro-Optics. I don't want to use a plate, so that rules out Holosun. Answered by Hunter , Gear Expert, from OH, United States, on October 02, 2023. I had mine done by sas tactical. The other thing I like about the R1P is the brightness adjust. The Holosun 407K and Holosun 507K can be made to fit with minor modifications (the two rear indexing lugs on the slide have to be removed and the two front indexing lugs shortened in height). I wanted it for my P365 back home. Footprint: No: Mounting Standard: Shield RMS/SMS: Mount type - Integrated: Picatinny: Mount length. chappys4life Discussion starter 29 posts · Joined 2021 Add to quote; Share Only show this user #8 · Jan 20, 2022. Reticle options include a 3 MOA dot or a 2 MOA dot with a 32 MOA circle. i have a 320X compact on the way that held a delta point pro 2. 2 models SIG SAUER Romeo 4XT-PRO 1x20mm Red Dot Sight (1) As Low As (Save Up to 24%) $579. Integral Rear Backup Iron Sight. The ROMEO1 Miniature Reflex Sight is the ideal sighting solution for modern semi-automatic pistols, MSR platforms, and shotguns. Multi-footprint meant adapter plates, high position, and short screws. Are these dot sights compatible with the Romeo 1 optic cut?. Need some input and info as far as as mounting an RMR or an optic with RMR footprint on the the M17/M18. However, Springer Precision makes a variety of …. NOTES: This product is not compatible with slides cut to accept a standard ROMEO1. It’s super popular and there’s no way that it can be ignored if. This high-quality red dot sight has durable 7075 aluminum housing and steel shrouds that provide …. The ROMEO2 is built for use in adverse conditions. SIG Sauer RomeoZero Elite Micro Pistol Red Dot: Full Review. For 10mm rated red dots click here. , (March 1, 2022) – SIG SAUER is pleased to introduce the latest addition to the SPECTRE Series of pistols with the P320 SPECTRE Comp created by SIG Custom Works. The Holosun optics use a modified form of that footprint. SIG SAUER (Romeo 1 Pro Cut Only) STACCATO 2011® TAURUS; WALTHER; 1911 / 2011; BROWNELLS; RMR Footprint Plates. i was looking for something in the 6moa range with the same footprint. Experience precise targeting with the Romeo-X red dot sight. Adjustment button is kinda in a weird spot and the Tap function is unusable if you use the steel shroud. com), JP Enterprises JPoint ($299. A 1x30mm red dot that fits Sig's Romeo 1 Pro/DeltaPoint Pro footprint, the new Romeo 2 is available with either a circle dot or 3, 6, or 10-MOA red dot – with the circle dot and 10 MOA in the. 25 MOA red dot, 4-year battery life, automatic brightness adjustment or 8 brightness settings you can choose from. The ROMEO1PRO is an robust red dot sight designed for use in field conditions to withstand drop, scratches and …. Answered by Ethan , Gear Expert, from IL, United States, on January 05, 2023. SIG Introduces New P226 Optic Ready PRO. anybody know if the Romeo 7s is compatible with the aimpoint micro mount standard? Additional comment actions. If you're looking for a tough reflex sight for your SIG, the ROMEO1PRO is the pro way to go. Sig Sauer Romeo-MSR Specifications. Compatible with ROMEO1PRO red dot sight. 00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating. The ROMEO-X Family will feature forged 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum …. Features: 6 MOA Dot; MOTAC (Motion Activated Illumination System). Answers for What footprint does this use? Can I put it on a Romeo 1. SIG Romeo 7s, the compact brother to the Romeo 7. If you weren’t already aware, SIG SAUER is now an optics manufacturer. While some have the same hole spacing and pin alignment but have different footprints. HOLOSUN RED DOT SIGHT - The HS407K X2 is an open reflex HIGH PERFORMANCE - This reflex sight for handgun SHAKE AWAKE TECHNOLOGY - Extends battery life by. Neither are compatible with the …. Romeo1 red dot sight install video. Awkward single button intensity adjustment, forward, interior to the body, vs. Here are the top 4 red dots we recommend for your Sig P322. Leupold DeltaPoint Pro (The Leupold red dot will be 0. In order to install a red dot to your classic CZ P-10 model, you will need to have a red dot mount. - Ultra durable and lightweight 7075 aluminum main housing and components, 1. It is a uniquely rugged sight with modular user-convertible …. Beretta 92X Defensive, 92X RDO, M9A4 optics ready plate …. For context, I have 5 Holosuns, a Trijicon SRO, 2 Leupold …. I’ve been looking to get a Unity mount for my 4T, but was wondering if Sig utilizes the T2 footprint. NOTE: My legion is using the origonal X5 slide with the Romeo1 footprint. Leupold Delta Point Pro with Kyle Lamb of Viking Tactics. PARAGRAPH!! THIS PLATE REQUIRES A …. Send inquiry Add to Compare Save and send. I’m waiting on a Rmr type 2 or the Romeo m17. Footprint C works for the Leupold Delta Pro, SIG Sauer Romeo 1, and the Crimson Trace CTS-1250. The Romeo 1 Pro has the same footprint as the DeltaPoint Pro. As annoying as it is, I believe Sig changed the Footprint on the Romeo 1 Pro to match the DPP so they could provide the M17 to the military and still have native compatibility with one of their own optics. Guys with X5 top ends have all RDS options available due to aftermarket support. 5 Best Red Dot For Sig P320. It has undergone complete Mil-Spec testing, is submersible up to 20 meters and is Waterproof, IPX-8 rated, and fog-proof. The ROMEO1PRO includes a ruggedized protective shroud in the box for extreme durability. The new M&P Compact Optics Ready pistol mates its 4-inch barrel with a standard magazine capacity of 15+1 from the factory putting it in Glock 19 territory in terms of size and capacity. In addition to that, they are both waterproof in up to 1 meter of water. Like the 507k, the Romeo Zero is engineered to fit effortlessly …. Position of these four sockets corresponds to position of. For the full monty for all mounting standards and footprints complete with drawings, measurements and pictures you can find it here. Question: Romeo1 and Deltapoint Pro footprint : r/SigSauer. In what's bound to be an upset to current small, sealed reflex sights, the SIG Romeo2 does not require any special footprint. The slide is NOT cut for the RMR it is cut for. r/SigSauer on Reddit: Will a Holosun or Trijicon RMR work on a Sig. Long time Sig guy back to my first P226, 228 and 229 almost 25 years ago. Customizing the Already Custom SIG P320 Spectre Comp. 4oz more than a standard P226 Elite or similar model. Also Compatible with ADE RD3-018 SPIKE, ADE RD3-021 NUWA, Shield RMS/RMSc/RMSw/SMS, Riton X3 Tactix MPRD/MPRD2 and Sig Romeo Zero Red dot …. 1 Star Rating on 15 Reviews for SIG SAUER Romeo Red Dot Mounting Kit Best Rated + Free Shipping over $49. The Trijicon RMR and the Sig Romeo2 are the only red dots listed as being compatible with the optics cut slide. The XMACRO comes standard with steel XRAY3 day/night sights while the slide has a factory optic cut for Shield RMSc footprint micro red dots such as SIG's own ROMEO Zero/ROMEOZero Elite 1x24mm …. It will fit your 226 RX, but has all the upgrades …. All x-compacts will have the DPP cut. The SIG SAUER Romeo 1 Red Dot Sight has a unique footprint that fits on the Deltapoint Pro and, therefore, doesn't require red dot sight plates. Sig Sauer Red dot magnifiers provide vivid clarity from a distance and when paired with a reflex sight can maintain your zero. Scalarworks is probably going to be your lightest option Reply More posts from r/SigSauer chiefsgirl913 • Girls with 🔫🔫🔫💅. If you are about to mount Sig Romeo 3 XL to a pistol with slide cut, it will not fit as the sight will be longer than the cut. Shield RMSc footprint consists of four sockets in the corners of the sight and of two screw holes in the rear of the sight. this product is not compatible with slides cut to accept a standard ROMEO1 , but I cant find it in their store or anywhere else. This isn't intended to be a bash Sig optics or promote some other brand, but …. I have found if you put the dot "slightly above, stacked right on top, almost touching" of the iron, it works out to roughly a ~10yd zero. The Romeo1 T uses the existing SIG Romeo1 foot print on the older X5s, the RX …. With the ROMEO7S you can choose from a red or a green 2 MOA dot, controlled via an intuitive user-facing rotary dial. Now I don’t have to wait 8 more months to use it!. Sig said the Romeo won’t last due to the recoil of 10mm. The footprint needs to match the slide cut or the mount that you want to attach the optic onto. Below is the chart for how to …. Install Spacer at the front or rear of the optic recess in the slide per the table. SIG P320 Legion (X-FIVE / M17 / M18) w/ R1P/DPP Cut to Trijicon RMR / SRO / Holosun Adapter Plate W/ 10-8 Rear Sight by CHPWS THIS PLATE REQUIRES A ROMEO 1 PRO OPTIC READY CUT WITH RMR HOLES, REFER TO …. All Red Dots (652) Reflex Sights (335) All Reflex Sights (335) Ships in 1 month or more. There are two holes for screws between the middle and rear section. Along with the distortion-free, aspheric glass 24 mm objective lens, the ROMEOZero Elite has a point-source LED emitter—producing a dot that SIG says is …. My CCW is riding on an optics-ready M&P 2. In my experience, the only optics more durable than Holosun is Trijicon and Aimpoint – although the newer SIG offerings come very close. The SIG Sauer Romeo M17 Red Dot – Redefining Optics …. The C&H Precision plates are designed, manufactured and shipped from our small family owned business in Coastal Georgia. SIG Talk">Any Optic recommendations for P320 XTEN. Compatibility: Yes; Dot Size: 6. As you can see, depending on your choice of Holosun sights, it may …. Most common questions (Q&A) Community uploads. It also means that when SIG provides a gun, it is part of a system with compatible ammunition, optics, suppressors, training, or anything else the user requires. With an MSRP around $400 (street price is closer to. The footprint is 2mm shorter (forward of the bolt holes) in comparison to a DPP or a Venom footprint. You also have the eotech flex option for it as well since it holds the DPP footprint. Another great red dot sight for the Beretta APX is the Leupold Delta Point Pro. The ROMEO1PRO is NOT rated for 10mm. Which Holosun for Trijicon RMR Footprint. com KEY FEATURES: • Molded glass aspheric lens with high performance coatings for superior light transmittance and zero distortion • 3 or 6 MOA Dot with multiple brightness settings for rapid target engagement under a full range of. All Max-9 slides are milled for the popular Shield Sight RMSc footprint. I did some research and believe the P320 XTEN comes with a plate covering a Leopold Deltapoint Pro optic footprint. 4 rating with 54 reviews review & rate 167 Questions & 186 Answers. I’ve no complaints at all for the two I have and fully expect the inbound Romeo 1 original to work flawlessly as well. Ultra-low parallax so point-of-aim is point-of-impact and the red dot remains parallel to the bore of your firearm, no matter what your viewing angle is relative to the optical axis of the sight. Does anyone know if it shares it's mount platform with any other red dot? I found a comment that it's the same as the Jpoint/Deltapoint, and another that it's the same as the Burris. Sig Sauer Romeo1 1×30 Footprint. Everything works just fine and my …. This is a direct fit for the following models: Sig P322, 365X, 365XL, 365X-Macro, 365-380 S&W M&P 5. The Sig Romeo Zero is a relatively new offering from Sig and it really raises the bar for pistol red dot sights. ROMEO1PRO is Compatible With: - M17 - P320-M17 - P320 XFive Legion - P320 XCompact - P320 XFull - All PRO-CUT Slides - P320 Pro Series. Re: Time to walk from gate B to gate A. I like the top-access battery, which allows you to …. Best for Competitive Shooting: Trijicon SRO. military’s Modular Handgun System contract, this modular semi-automatic handgun can be easily customized to suit individual preferences, like with the best red dot for Sig M18 to …. The front as well as the rear socketes are 17mm / 0. In the meantime, I have confirmed with SIG that the two optics do not share the same 3D measurements and thus we cannot say whether …. The Romeo 1 PRO is approximately 1/64″ longer than the Romeo 1. Simply put, it will make a good shooter a great shooter. With this being the case, I would think that that the Romeo 4 series will work on an Aimpoint T2 mount. The sight housing is made from 7075-T6 Aluminum, and it has a. 45 THE MOST MODULAR, RUGGED, DURABLE, RELIABLE AND MOST WIDELY USED AFTERMARKET OPTICS ADAPTER PLATE. Some key takeaways; - Likely launch around NRAAM in April, shipping later in summer. 24 inches, and the length measures in at 1. Adapter Plate for Sig P320 (Romeo) to Vortex Venom. The ROMEO2 in a “naked” configuration. The SIG SAUER Romeo 7 1x30mm Red Dot Sight model number SOR71001 is black. 2021 New Optics Guide: Red. They seem to have a constant stream of new guns, optics, suppressors, P320 grip modules, and optics coming out. I ground approximately 1/16″ off the end of both screws. 078") longer cutout, now allowing the use of dedicated mounting plates for Aimpoint ACRO, Vortex Venom and Burris FastFire series micro red dot sights – plus others that share the same footprint. Another plate the MOS Glock doesn’t come with. The Romeo Pro shares the same footprint as the Leupold Delta Point Pro. 2x P320 X5's (DPPs, Dawson fronts, Goguns gas pedals) P320FS slide (Holosun 407, Dawson irons) P320SC pro-cut (ACRO, Dawson irons, PMM ultra comp) P320FS slide (ACRO, Galloway irons) *X series DPP setup =. The height on the 507c measures in at 1. The sight features a high-efficiency, point source LED emitter and molded aspheric glass lens, utilizing a high-performance red notch reflector coating for excellent brightness and light transmittance with. This lightweight open reflex sight is specifically designed for small handguns like the Ruger Max 9 and it features a 3 MOA dot reticle which is a great size for fast and accurate shooting…. If your p320/m18 also has the RMR holes, then the Trijicon RMR series will also fit, but you'd also want to use the "trim kit" front gap spacer. Sig Sauer ROMEO4XT-PRO Ballistic Circle Dot Reflex Sight SOR44001. The Romeo 1 Pro employs a propriety mount pattern. 2011 / 1911 / STI SLIDE OPTIC MILLING SERVICE. The Sig Sauer Romeo 5 comes with two mounts in the box. The Delta Point cut on the P320 M17 uses a larger diameter screw. SIG P320 RXP 9mm Pistol/Sights. Perfectly matched to the ballistics of your shooting system, the SIG Ballistic Turret (SBT) is a custom laser-etched elevation dial for your SIG SAUER® Electro-Optics riflescope. THE MOST MODULAR, RUGGED, DURABLE, RELIABLE, AND WIDELY USED AFTERMARKET OPTICS ADAPTER PLATE. The P226 Legion RXP slide includes a 6 MOA red-dot sight and is for 9 mm barrels only and is not compatible with barrels chambered in. 5 MOA; Waterproof: 66 feet for 1 hour with plate; Footprint: RMR; Price: $469. 7,Equalizer,Canik TP9 Elite SC,Canik METE MC9, METE SFT,Sig P322/P365X,Glock 43/48 MOS,Taurus GX4 Toro,Mossberg MC2SC,Springfield Hellcat OSP. 6” barrel and XSeries slide with enhanced serrations come equipped with the X-Ray3 day/night front sight with rear night sight plate assembly. The P320 XCompact is the ultimate balance of form and function and redefines what compact pistols should be. I used a plate I got from Springer Precision. You can alternately carefully take a bit of plastic off the front of the optic. This post will touch on the optics Sig Sauer Romeo Zero 6 MOA - this possibly is the most beautiful . Get your questions about SIG SAUER Romeo 1Pro 1x30mm 6 MOA Red Dot Sight answered by Expert staff and verified buyers including aesthetics, compatibility, durability & more! OpticsPlanet. ROMEOZero Elite Pistol Optics Made in America. Fits these slide cutouts: DeltaPoint Pro; Sig Romeo Pro (Pro Cut) Allows mounting of these optics: Trijicon RMR Trijicon SRO; Holosun 407c/507c/508t. The Sig Sauer Romeo 1 Pro is equipped with a durable, aircraft-grade CNC Magnesium housing ensuring a lifetime of reliable service. 99) is available with either a 3 or 6 MOA dot. Sig Sauer ROMEO4XT-PRO Ballistic Circle Dot FDE Reflex Sight SOR44002. SIG: Romeo 1 Pro; Swampfox: Liberty; Justice; Kingslayer; Trijicon: RMR; SRO (not recommended due to reports of glass being easily scratched) TruGlo: Trutec; Vortex Viper; There are likely other brands and optics that will fit and function well on the MR920. Aimpoint Acro P-1 Certainly, the most, well, angular sight of the group, the Acro is a fairly radical departure from the “typical” red-dot pistol sight in this group. If you currently have a "Romeo 1" on your slide, then this is the optics cut you have. Who knew Sig would release a new Legion pistol designed for DPP footprint and it’s not compatible with Romeo 1, and Romeo 3 Max needs adaptor plates. The overall handgun weight is 34. The reticles are different in each of these sights. The Sig Sauer Romeo 5 has MOTAC, NV compatible settings, a very low-profile LED emitter, and two mounts. Compatible with 229-1* frames and barrels. At any rate, the DPP is still our favorite red dot for the P320. The weight was increased to 43. Also, there’s the chance of losing the factory rear sight when mounting the DPP. Red dot sights that share the Aimpoint Micro mounting standard. ROMEO ™ 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS directly mounted to any SIG Sauer pistol with the ROMEO2/PRO optic slide cut, using M4 mounting screws. ADE Advanced Optics RD3-012 Delta Pro: Find the product here: Footprint: ADE Advanced Optics RD3-013 Bertrillium: Find the product here: Footprint: Vomz Pilad 1×20: Find the product here: Vortex Venom: Find the product here: Footprint: Footprint is the same as the Sig Romeo Zero. The romeo 1 pro version fits the new P320C X Compact where the standard Romeo won't fit. Number 4 on my list is the Holosun 508T X2, and there are many reasons to love this little sight. My Sig rep told me it is a unique footprint. SIG Romeo2: The Hybrid MRDS. The ROMEO1PRO Miniature Reflex Sight is the ideal sighting solution for handguns, and can be directly mounted to any SIG Sauer pistol with the ROMEO2/PRO optic slide cut, using M4 mounting screws. The ROMEOZero Elite has an RMSc footprint and is constructed with a …. Unfortunately, the RMSc has an MSRP of $430, and can be difficult to find in stock. I also have the Romeo 1 pro and I think it’s ass. Best Enclosed Emitter: Aimpoint ACRO P-2. On the outside chance it doesn’t, I know Sig will take care of me. Until now, every optic mounting design involved a series of compromises. P226 RX Romeo 1 to RMR/Holosun footprint. This is almost identical to the Shield RMS/RMSc mounting, which means any optic to that footprint should attach direct. If you have a Sig P320 with a Romeo 1 Pro Cut Slide with or without RMR holes then you can use the following adapter plates to mount the enclosed emitter Holosun 509T or the micro optics with the Modified …. SIG Sauer’s new duty pistol optic, the ROMEO2 can be installed as an open-emitter, steel armored open emitter or a fully-sealed closed-emitter red-dot sight. As you can see, depending on your choice of Holosun sights, it may require you to. So again, the new Romeo1PRO will NOT fit old Romeo1 mounts or slide cuts. The screw pattern is the same as the RMS and RMSc cut below, so a thin plate that merely indexes the optic while allowing the original screw holes to be used will adapt compatible optics to it. Picking up a P320 XCompact tomorrow (if NJ’s “instant” check decides to only take one full business day). The Crimson Trace RAD Pro is another great optic for your Canik, and it’s fairly new and exciting offering to the market. Not sure about on the pro, but to fit a regular Hellcat, the 507k needs an adapter plate or. Sig Custom Works introduces a new era of compensated pistols with the introduction of the P320 Spectre Comp. The first footprint accommodates Trijicon Type 2 optics, Trijicon SRO reflex sights, and the Holosun 507CX2 red dot optic. That is what my googlefu is turning up as well. This DOES fit : Shield RMSC, Sig Romeo 0 (but not the metal shroud), Swampfox Sentinel Micro, Holosun HS407K & HS507K, Hex Wasp Micro Red Dot, Riton X3 Tactix MPRD, ADE Spike, Salvo Optics SRC Micro Red Dot, Sightmark Mini Shot A-Spec M3 and other same footprint …. A photo of the Sig Sauer Romeo-MSR footprint. Does the Sig Romeo1 pro come with a battery and which one does. The RMR is the compact dot made by Trijicon and doesn't refer to anything else. Sig Sauer P320 Xcompact w/ Holosun 507K will it work? : r/P320. 24 mm] SIG SAUER Electro-Optics Introduces the Next. Second, I know the footprint is the same size (intentionally) as on the Delta Point Pro, but nobody makes an offset mount for the Romeo1 Pro yet. Direct mount: Delta Point Pro, …. RMR actually stands for ‘Ruggedized Miniature Reflex’ sight, and Trijicon designed it to be a super. He’s got one of those micro conversion kits and wants to try my Romeo 1 Pro on…. The SIG SAUER Electro-Optics ROMEO-M17 is a mil-spec, fully enclosed and gas-purged red dot reflex sight with a distortion-free glass aspheric lens, and is submersible to depths up to 35 meters. The P365 redefined what a concealed-carry pistol should be. HOLOSUN HS407K-X2 Classic Reflex Red Dot Only Sight. Red Dot for Doctor/Venom/Fastfire Footprint (21). Reticle: Circle dot with 2 MOA Red Dot / 32 MOA Circle. The SIG can’t match the Springfield Hex Wasp’s 90 m. 99 for the 10-MOA and 3-MOA configurations and the Circle Dot variant will be offered for $278. 0 of 1 found the following answer helpful. Features a molded glass aspheric lens with high performance coatings for superior light transmittance and zero distortion. The ROMEOZero-PRO model is compatible with all SIG SAUER ROMEO1 PRO optics-ready pistols. MOUNTING THE SIGHT • The ROMEO-MSR comes mounted on a 1. You can mount the Romeo 1 directly on the Legion without any plates or mods. The RMSc optics footprint standard consists of four sockets in the corners of the sight and of two screw holes in the rear of the sight. 2 inches at the rear of the slide) Any red dot sight that uses the same footprint. First of all, the sight housing on both sights is made from machined 7075 T6 aluminum…. The SIG Sauer® RomeoZero Pro is a lightweight micro reflex sight designed for compact and full-size pistols like the SIG P320 and P229. Housing made from durable aluminum with protective steel shroud. Top 5 Hellcat Red Dot Optics. (and I bought screws from lowes, because none of the screws were the right length that came with the adapater plate, the optic, nor the gun itself. Great Field of View: Sig Sauer Romeo1 Pro.