Harry Potter Fanfiction Harry Leaves Hogwarts After First Year Harry Potter Fanfiction Harry Leaves Hogwarts After First Yearno hogwarts, Harry goes to another school news school, new friends, new love interest OMG harry leaving the british wizarding world behind ! Fading Illusions by Gammily reviews. He is feeling anger burning within himself. Their years at Hogwarts are about to get very interesting. Ron Weasley enjoyed the wide array of food. He came from a line of Dark wizards and Death Eaters, with his father and possibly grandfather before him. At the least, she wanted to try and rebuild the bridge between him and Neville. Leader of the light and still Headmaster of Hogwarts Albus Dumbledore made his way to Azkaban to assist in the release of the Boy-Who-Lived. Taking the hint, Hermione leaves and makes a new life with one who is in the same position as herself. A giant Gringotts emblem was inlayed on the floor of the center of the room. - Chapters: 18 - Words: 33,299 - Reviews: 168 - Favs: 1,151 - Follows: 484. People would lose trust in Dumbledore's ability to lead Hogwarts if Harry Potter of all people didn't pass his classes. Runaway Harry is a fanfiction community that features stories where Harry Potter leaves or escapes from his abusive or neglectful relatives, friends, or enemies. "Fine, I'll say it in the Western way then. Away and Back By: Teddylonglong. Strong & Smart Harry, Ravenclaw!Harry, no pairings started. Determined to turn his life around, Harry stayed in Hogwarts for his 7th Year and learning more magic after graduation. After Harry Potter's name came out of the Goblet of Fire, Hogwarts turns against the Boy-Who-Lived. The main story of Harry Potter was about the three primary Hogwarts students setting out to stop Lord Voldemort. An accident during Harry's fight with the Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets leads to a whole new life that he could never have expected. "Here we were ready to forgive him for lying and cheating his way into the Tournament and what does the %#*$&*#$& ^ do – he cusses us out. In third year, Hermione is rapidly succumbing to the stress of her workload. Harry's Life Before Hogwarts By: AmeliaHawkins. Your trust vault had 5,000,000 galleons before your first year, when it should have had twice that amount. After Harry's fourth year at Hogwarts, Harry returns to Privet Drive, but then he decided to leave on the day after his birthday. He looked down, and saw his eleven-year-old self, clad in clothes way too big for him. Sixteen years later: Albus Dumbledore had been waiting for this moment since Harry Potter disappeared from Hogwarts all those years ago. Well, even after the war, with Voldemort dead, wizards refused to change the things that were important to prevent events that led to the war in the first place to repeat themselves. He could feel the well of magic within the boy and yet, the child had refused it. Dear Wizarding Britain Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic. This community is made up of a number of different types of fanfiction: -Harry Potter Leaves the Country -Harry Potter Leaves the Wizarding World -Harry Potter Leaves the Dursleys. Rowling skips us to 19 years later. Some stories contain only subtle interference; Whether you. Summary: AU fourth year one shot (possible sequel) – During Harry Potter's years at Hogwarts he had a couple of less than pleasant experiences. Severus Snape has left Hogwarts intending to leave magic behind after the humiliation at the end of his fifth year. after Hogwarts, a harry potter fanfic. The frame of his glasses had been caught between the boy's skull and the unyielding wall, and the broken remains now hung crazily from one ear, while a cut over the child's temple began to pour blood. The walls were dark paneling while the floor was marble. From what I remember the story involves Harry leaving Hogwarts around 2nd/3rd year. Never mind wizards vs muggles; Harry has his own thing going on. Harry decides he's done being a pawn for Dumbledore after the events that led to Arthur Weasley getting hospitalized. Note 8- Instead of having Teddy born just days before the Battle of Hogwarts, he was born a year before. "Oh and we're having a New Years party to celebrate their good grades and give Harry a chance to say goodbye to his friends, before he leaves for Durmstrang. But the call of its Magic was stronger now there were no distractions, and more compelling with his attention entirely focused. After little Harry was left in the Dursley's front door not much is known about what happened after that and before Dudley's eleventh birthday Rated: Fiction K - English - Fantasy - Harry P. 21 "Harry Potter" Fanfictions To Read Before You Die. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will focus on Albus, and how he deals with his family’s extraordinary legacy. Until she suddenly leaves him and enrolls. He searched for the source of the word and saw a family full of redheads. She had almost always lost, but she was ready to win. They were in charge of teaching their subject to the students of Hogwarts in a classroom in the dungeons, and they usually owned a nearby office, as well as brewing specialised potions in times of need, such as the Mandrake Restorative …. Harry had sent Hedwig off first, then he took a bag from the garage since he would have to leave his trunk. Misty wagged her finger at Harry looking very stern. Ginny left, mostly because he kicked her out. Feeling as if they're imposing on the Burrow, Harry and Hermione take their leave and embark on their own recovery: with each other. She had kept training by running around Hogwarts at the crack of …. Harry was also the one that go invited to meetings, the first was about Hogwarts and the older students that couldn't finish their schooling due to the war. Snape sat by Harry's bed and talked about nothing in general, mostly about his former students and the messes they created in the potions classroom. To Harry, it felt almost like a lifetime ago since he first step on the train. He may hate the Dursley's, but he found that at least he was safer there than at Hogwarts. The events at the end of the Triwizard Tournament have left Harry feeling just a little bit paranoid. - Words: 16,861 - Reviews: 54 - Favs: 798 - Follows: 326 - Published: Feb 19, 2021 - Status: Complete - id: 13823465. Harry was a bit confused as to what to do, never having had an opportunity like this before, so he just copied what Remus did. Best Served Cold :: Chapter 1. Lost and Found Chapter 1: A New Start, a harry potter fanfic. Not that he had expected anything, of course. Harry Leaves Hogwarts During 2nd Year. A little history for the fic: When Ron abandoned Harry and Hermione, the two of them kinda got together and had lots of fun in that tent all by themselves (wink wink). Beyonce Indian Aisha Changing Aishwarya Chai Teddy Lupin At The Disco Heterochromia Changing Color [ON HIATUS] Teddy Lupin met a wonderful, adorable girl in his first year. Lord Voldemort is the main antagonist in the Harry Potter series. Harry's name comes out of the goblet and he's had enough, he's sick of pretending to be stupid, he's sick of constantly fighting against the whole world. After Sirius' death, Harry learns of things hidden from him and makes some realizations about both factions of the war. " McGonagall starts walking towards her seat. One of the areas this story will explore is the possible impact on Harry Potter and friends of the isolation that our dear old friend, Albus Dumbledore, always fed to him: this isolation will make up its own reality. He turned silently, and began to walk away - Goblet of Fire by JK Rowling. I've seen the Trunk Apartment a few times in Indy!Harry fics but he usually does it before starting Hogwarts rather than after first year. Ronald Weasley entered the main fireplace at Potter Manor. Harry leaves and eventually convinces someone else to deal with the problem. As he, Ron and Hermione walked past the stone gargoyle, Harry was beginning to feel a little light headed and unbeknownst to him, so were Ron and Hermione. Dobby warns Harry not to return to Hogwarts, the magical school for wizards that Harry attended the. Harry lives in a trunk after meeting Hagrid in The Language of Snakes by FalconLux on ao3. On September 1, 1982, Bill becomes the first Weasley child of the current generation to leave for Hogwarts, where he is sorted into Gryffindor House. Ron and Hermione married and are pregnant with their first child. Sirius escapes Azkaban, and finds Harry at a previous apt he shared with James. After the tenth one, he stopped. Adventure Mystery New York Hogwarts. Harry Potter Unleashed Chapter 13: Mourning and Training. However things begin an unexpected turn when a muggle plane crashes on the grounds of the magical school carrying one passenger that will forever change Harry's life as well the lives of his friends and the staff of Hogwarts forever. Minerva turns to the Head of the Department of Mysteries, the Golden Girl, Hermione Granger, for help and they form a scheme to root out the evil that lurks the corridors of Hogwarts. Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, O. Also posted on ao3 and wattpad. "I saw your name on your door, but didn't know how to address you. Dear Wizarding Britain: So, after being classed as disturbed, dangerous, and unstable for telling the truth about the return of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, I'm suddenly being hailed a hero again, and am now your Chosen One, now that our illustrious minister of magic (note the sarcasm, because I think he's an idiot) finally. Marauders - Stories following James Potter, Lily Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew and their years at Hogwarts. The two boys soon become friends and decide that together, they will solve this mystery. You fucking disgust me, the three of you,' Harry snarled then ran back up the stairs leaving three shocked female's in the kitchen. She knew he never wanted to be the world's savior and her heart went out to him. Also, we know that Hogwarts is almost certainly somewhere in Scotland - and it takes around 7 to. - Set during fifth year; Harry/Hermione. A package of the seven Harry Potter books appear at Hogwarts during the Halloween feast during Harry's fifth year, with a note saying that the books were sent from the future and that everyone in Hogwarts, plus a few guests, need to read them. Secrets will be revealed, new will be bonds formed while others may break forever Warning contains Slash, don't like don. But getting an Auror was tricky – they suspected Dumbledore was holding them back. He finds a new family with the NCIS team. The relief from the Murtlap essence had been temporary, and the searing pain kept driving him back to the sinks to run his hand under the cold water. Harry was amused to note that all three girls and Neville were watching the secondary vibrations below the girl's neck with some enjoyment. : r/HPfanfiction 36 votes, 16 comments. The fact that it starts in 1890 means that we'd see Dumbledore in the final year of the game. Hell, I'm enjoying it too, he finally admitted. That's not a coincedence IMO, it'd be too good of an opportunity for the devs to pass up, rather than just turn around and end the story two years prior to that. Character study, pre-Hogwarts, NOT a creature!fic, slightly cracky. With the support of Professor Snape, Malfoy convinces Albus to allow him to cast the spell on Harry Potter, expecting to force him to tell the truth how he entered the. The Magical World learnt it the hard way after the War. Two Little Words By: Kender Speak. "Professor McGonagall wants to see all second and sixth year boys in her office after the feast. On the Flip Side Chapter 3, a harry potter fanfic. Universal Studios has announced that the new roller coaster in Hogsmeade will be Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure After months (years?) of waiting, loyal Harry Potter fans finally know what the theme of the new roller coaster. He did a lot of thinking about Hogwarts before he decided to keep going with his. It was luck and Dobby that allowed Harry to find out that the vision he had of Sirius being tortured was a fake. Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter except a copy of the books. But Harry has Hermione, and it isn't so bad. Ginny began to get very impatient. With Voldemort's Horcruxes destroyed, his death is permanent. After a botched attempt to extract the Horcrux in Harry’s scar leaves their souls tied together, Tom is forced to kidnap him when he makes his escape. Snape stopped to think about an excuse to dock even more points but eventually saw Harry was right. At first he tried ignoring it, believing he was just being paranoid. Harry and Daphne Greengrass. Harry James Potter was having a horrible week. The only way to win a dirty fight is to fight dirty. Harry Potter is madly in love and believes his life couldn't get better. Still bothered and confused over his mother animosity toward his father before their marriage, Harry along with seven of his other friends, Aronica "Ronnie" Weasley and Hermione. Years Later Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic. Turning slowly toward the woman, he raised his hand, and the Sword of Gryffindor appeared in his hand, glowing with a flash of red flame traveling down its length. Summary: Sequel to Lessons From A Grateful Veela. After failing to cheat Bruce Wayne on a deal for drills, Vernon Dursley takes his frustrations out on Harry Potter, by abandoning him in Gotham City. Harry Potter and The Force of Law By: snipsa. This is the Harry Potter series, told through Ron's eyes. Chapter 1 – the beginning of the circle. It leaves fans of Harry Potter in an awkward place. Locking the door behind her, she transfigured a broken desk into a replica of one on the common room couches, lit several candles as Harry called for …. Dumbeldore is not manipulative or evil and his duel with Grindelwald played out as canon but what happened after is where it changes in this story, it will be revealed in the future. Dumbledore was shocked; he didn't expect Harry to be this powerful. "I, Harry Charlus Potter, do swear on my body, magic and soul that I did not enter my name in this cursed Tournament, I never asked anyone willingly or unwillingly to enter my name. It was an extremely busy and magically taxing nine days, but I managed to thrive. Ironically, there are far-reaching consequences. After a walk of an hour within Hogwarts, he retreats in his tower where he drinks a cup of tea to calm down. The Harry Potter Train in Scotland (aka The Jacobite Steam Train) is a direct line to the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Snape also appeared to be lurking in the corner with Mad-Eye. He was the Muggle Studies professor at Hogwarts, though he later became the Defence Against the Dark Arts professor during the 1991–1992 school year. Everyone had gone deathly silent as they processed all of the implications of his last statement. Something always goes wrong on Halloween. However even though he is now solving mysteries from the sidelines, Harry has a hard time putting away his hero complex. Harry sped along through the night, skirting the edge of the Forest; he had just under fifteen minutes to get back to the Gryffindor fireside and talk to Sirius in the Floo flames, and he couldn't remember, ever, wanting to talk to someone more than he did right now – when, without warning, he ran into something very solid. Bookcases stood against all the walls and were filled with books. Harry leaves the wizarding world. Set Apart This Dream Chapter One, a harry potter fanfic. Ginny breaks up with Harry when he leaves to destroy horcruxes, but when she starts her sixth year at hogwarts, she starts having feelings for someone else. Harry Potter: A Year Early By: Sutiibun Raitobi. Time Travelling Draco Malfoy. The goblin guards stationed on either side of the doors viewed him with suspicion before opening the doors to let the young man in. The anger surfaced sharply for a moment, but he beat it down, and something else burst through him – the intelligence the Dursleys never let him use. No one wants to support the property, but people don’t want to give up such a big part of their lives either. Crabbe and Gregory Goyle were rarely seen without their …. However, at the end of your first year, there were only 4,700,000 galleons left. Every Main Character’s Fate After The End Of Harry Potter. - Words: 9,894 - Reviews: 117 - Favs. My, Name, Is, Harry, SON," he spoke slowly, enunciating every syllable to maximum effect. Harry put the ring on his right middle finger, it re-sized to fit him. The young man in question was no other than Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived, and hero to the wizarding world. Then her mirror self guided him down into the most passionate kiss the real Hermione had ever seen or even dreamt of. Great-great-granddaughter of famed seer Cassandra Trelawney, many believed she did not in fact possess the sight of her ancestry, due to repeated inaccurate predictions of student fatalities. Within seconds the three were up in the air but the two men were amazed at Harry's skill on a broom. Indeed, the exiles seemed to be thriving those first years. A story about adventure, friendship, growing up, and pushing forward through hardships. " "Very well Harry," said Hogwarts in a cheerful voice. Harry Potter and the Sandy Crack Shack by Clell65619 (4,500 words, complete; Download: EPUB or MOBI ) - Seven years after the fall of Voldemort George and Angelina Weasley are on their honeymoon. Together they search for a way to kill a Dark Lord and maybe fix society too. After the Second Voldemort Blood War is over, Hermione Granger discovers that her usefulness is at an end and there is no place for her in magical Britain. However, a thorough examination of her trance-induced prediction related to the death of Voldemort seems to prove otherwise. He half expected that in a minute Hermione would crash through the door and announce she had found a few books that would help with this years school work, or Ron to barge in offering Harry a game of Wizard Chess. I write only to satisfy my imagination and use my creativity and make no money from my writings. Harry Potter was not in a good mood. After Harry runs away from his relative's during the summer and gets in a fight the first day of school, Snape argues that he needs to be watched more and have more guidance. Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter. "Harry as heir of Potter, you will receive the abilities and knowledge on how to act proper and worthy of your new station. A moment later, he grabbed a handful of floo powder and shouted, "Ministry of Magic!" Arthur hadn't been gone from the Burrow five minutes before the howlers started arriving. Now, students, as I was saying before Mr. When Harry first felt the dementors he did think of helping Dudley. Severus had felt eyes watching him practically since starting Hogwarts. The golden trio had discovered sex. Professor McGonagall stuck her head in. Draco Malfoy Remus Lupin Albus Dumbledore Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence Semi non-verbal Harry Potter Abusive Dursley Family (Harry Potter) …. Instead of sending a friendly witch from family services like he had done before, he sends Severus Snape in hopes of scaring the boy into staying put. Harry was the one that got all the attention, Harry was the one that was asked to tell his story, which he did he just left out certain details and never mentioned Hermione or Ron at all. Harry Potter - Rated: K - English - Family/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 42 - Words: 48,628 - Reviews: 599 - Favs: 709 - Follows: 411 - Updated: 10/8/2008 - Published: 8/16. With over 750,000 hits, this story is clearly popular among readers and fans of Harry Potter. Coming Back By: Aileen Dickinson. Diagon Alley London, England A young man approached the giant gilded doors of Gringotts Wizarding Bank. Together as one, the Four Heroes of Hogwarts will unite the world against the true Dark Lord. "That ungrateful %*#&$#&$#&^" Ron Weasley snapped out about his former "best mate" Harry Potter. All day long Harry was waiting for something to go wrong. The monitoring systems of the "civilized" nations picked up the news as soon as it happened and the British military was bombarded with requests for explanations. Harry stood on the platform that held the Hogwarts Express. The fire crackled and popped in the Room of Requirement where 16 year old Harry Potter sat staring into the flame. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Angst - Harry P. After a failed investigation by the Aurors, a distraught mother begs the Headmistress of Hogwarts, Minerva McGonagall for her help getting justice for her daughter. ) grades, and each assist wizards into achieving their occupational goals. I still think we'll be playing through years 5, 6 and 7. It was the first time in months, since the final battle, that 18 year-old Harry Potter was able to show any type of emotion. They must chase him down but can they hold onto something that they don't have. No Epilogue, Cursed Child or …. What they never expected during their half-asleep mind-ranting was for James and Lily's son to travel back in time from the future with his wife and their daughter. Unlike the vast majority of HP fanfiction, Harry Potter and the Last Horcrux begins out of Hogwarts and stars a grown-up trio. linkffn(8257400) Weary Wizard-- 5th year, Harry/Hermione do a little pranking, a little assassination, then get out of Dodge. Harry Potter couldn't help grinning as he thought about how easy it was to sneak away from Privet drive and get to Grimmauld place, with the help of his godfather. Three years after the Battle of Hogwarts he is working as an Auror, but Harry makes a big mistake and must be punished. - Words: 1,932 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 2 - Published: Dec 7, 2002 - Status. The Hermione in the mirror turned and put her arms around Harry's neck, mirror Harry did the same but around her waist. Although no one else would know by looking at his expression, since he'd learned to hide his feeling at the Dursleys, he was very disappointed. When You Left Chapter 1: Worries and Mourning, a harry potter fanfic. Until my 11th birthday, I never even knew I was a wizard. First of all, Dumbledore refused to let Harry stay with his godfather, Sirius Black, for the summer …. After leaving Hogwarts, the golden trio continued to make scandals; albeit for totally different reasons. Now, three years later, the Goblet of Fire has named him as a TriWizard Champion. He was surprised by what he found. Recently, I arrived back into the magical world after living fully in the Muggle world until I received my Hogwarts letter. Summary: After Harry gains a new look, he discovers a secret his mother hid from everyone, including himself! Harry James Potter, current resident of number 4 Privet …. 'Maybe it knows it only has a couple hours at the most to burn. Ground Hog Harry Chapter 6, a harry potter fanfic. A lesson all first-years learned This article covers information about the first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Gone, No Goodbyes: A New Harry Potter Fanfic. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Harry P. When Harry hears a conversation he is left heartbroken. For the whole of Harry Potter's second year, the gentle giant spends his days planting a hedge in the Forbidden Forest and then around Hogwarts. While Hogwarts may be fictional, the train shown in the billion-dollar movie franchise is not. Harry Potter had never really managed a normal, peaceful Halloween, so he really shouldn't have been surprised when he was suddenly displaced from the grocery store and found …. "Second signal, let's go," Remus said. 'Yes, they would be proud of their. Im looking for a fic where harry has enough of the wizarding world and decides to leave Or After the war, harry leaves the… Coins 0 coins Premium Powerups Explore Gaming. They had abused him physically and mentally. At age five, Harry Potter descovered his powers. Disillusionment can lead to drastic action. Harry leaves the Wizarding World - Goes under disguise and has a family As vague as the title was, I remember him becoming a doctor (I think?). But in my experience, it seems like Cursed Child, Fantastic Beasts, Hogwarts Mystery, and all the other less-canon bits of HP have had very little impact on fanfiction as a whole. Nine years ago, he had defeated Lord Voldemort in a battle at Hogwarts. It has been three years since the Battle of Hogwarts, and since anyone's seen Harry. When Harry was in Diagon Alley for the first time, he thought his life had changed for the better. Any fics where Harry leaves the Wizarding World, or at least Britain. first year and you never did a thing to stop it!" "Maybe he started "But, Malfoy and his goons started distributing them after breakfast ended . After Harry defeats Voldemort in the Great Hall at Hogwarts he's hit with a killing curse. What if Harry had to save Hermione from the troll without Ron's help? *STORY* Harry rushed down the corridor, desperate to find Hermione. FanFiction">Carry on My Wayward Son. A Riddled Universe, linkffn(8678567): Both Harry and Sirius ended up in a world where …. As Harry learns he has more enemies than just Voldemort, he also finds he has new. In 2-3 years he would be much more powerful that him. He has a few things to say about that. Between meddlesome ministers and mad escaped convicts, Remus attempts to discover the truth. A Lonely Path by la baguette reviews. He finally had something none of his other brothers. Harry Potter is almost unknown in the magical world after being rescued from Godric's Hollow. At the most, she hoped for a date. Harry Potter and the Freedom of Apathy Chapter 1. Luckily, one last person does care for the young Slytherin. She led him to the third floor corridor that had been off-limits three years back. " She instructs him as she stops to speak to them. Wait, That Isn't Right Chapter 1 Wait, That Isn't Right, a harry potter. Next try to place an agent in Hogwarts the magical school within the next seven years long term till the child named Harry Potter leaves Hogwarts. Stay With Me: Hogwarts Rewritten. One more day and it would be ten years since the final battle at Hogwarts. Harry eventually found out that the Grangers had know for years that Hermione was in love with Harry, and last year after seeing the young couple say goodbye to each other on the platform at Kings cross, they had known then that Harry was in love with Hermione. Harry Potter is often the subject of Hogwarts' actions, though this is not always the case. The Gryffindors are tired to be bullied just because Harry had been entered into the Tournament by someone else and that the Gryffindors are supporting him. Only this time he would take the money she would give him so he could buy a train ticket to London and a cab to the London town house of the Black family. - Chapters: 18 - Words: 33,299 - Reviews: 168 - Favs: 1,150 - Follows: 484. Harry Potter is going to bring that art back to life, though at six years old he doesn't know it yet. Harry smiled at the sight of his Transfiguration Professor looking like a duck with its head underwater. A/N: Fair warning: this is my first ever work on the harry potter fandom. When they were settled, Remus looked at the couple. Uryuu befriends Ichigo at a much younger age. When he first saw the badges that Draco Malfoy had charmed, he thought the blond was an immature prat. Rated: Fiction M - English - Adventure/Drama - Severus S. Power of Paranoia-- after 4th year, Voldemort's back, his friends are ignoring him, and now the Ministry's tried to kill him. Wisps of Betrayal Chapter 4, a harry potter fanfic. Harry Potter and the Greatest Show. Third Time's a Charm By: BookishTen8. Pressured by Dumbledore and everyone calling him a liar Harry abandons the wizarding world and decides to live as a muggle, instead of an auror he becomes a lawyer and builds a life for himself outside the world of magic. He just couldn't take it anymore. 'Come on Harry, or we'll miss the Halloween feast,' Ron said excitedly as he hurried into the room. But then young Harry's name had emerged after the other school champions had been selected. Scandals of the golden trio Chapter 1: Life after Hogwarts, a harry. Hagrid Takes Over Hogwarts in New Harry Potter World Ride. Any good Abused/Traumatized Harry Potter Fanfiction?. The aftermath over what had happened was still felt today. Everyone went silent for a bit and then one of the others, his badge displaying the letter P, exclaimed, "You're Harry Potter!" Harry sighed and rolled his eyes. So many Harry Potter fanfics have maintained their popularity over the years, and Redditors have shared some of their favorite ones!. Points converge and lost boys find a family. With half the world against him Harry unleashes a war of magic never seen before. Just barely having begun his second year at Hogwarts, Harry Potter leaves the Magical World behind one fateful November night. I gazed over the blood spilt battle ground. The Hogwarts Gamekeeper had taken Harry in hand and directed him back to Diagon Alley where the Weasleys were frantically searching for him. Now, Hermione was leaning against Harry as they helped each other back into the castle. Kyle Potter is the boy who lived, he isn't incompetent but he isn't going to be a prodigy as I feel with Lily Evans as a mother he certainly would be studious. ago Weary Wizard by Yunaine When a few inappropriate questions derail the meeting at the …. The three boys were tall for their ages and had red hair and blue eyes. The mother, four boys, and one girl all had red hair. And that was after Harry first obtained the Elder Wand, and popped away, next to a phone booth. The tale starts around a happy Harry Potter with no wizard magic. As the girls knocked on the door and went in, George hopped off of the bed he was sitting on, and walked over to where the girls were. "Nope," Harry said, standing up. This time it was for their 8th year in Hogwarts because they hadn't been in school the last year and they still hadn't taken their NEWTs. Harry Potter has been absent from the wizarding world for a little over two years now. Results of a Proper Introduction Chapter 1: ReWrite. The first two years are completely general like middle. By the end of the week, Harry had gotten in to a fight with Ron, snapped at Hermione, and lost more house point then he had in the last three years of attending Hogwarts. The Accidental Bond, linkffn(5604382): Harry and his girls left Hogwarts for Beauxbaton after a second TWT task mishap. After ten years he is ready to return along with the family he made for himself. RuneMaster Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic. Especially after Amelia Bones had given the Daily Prophet the details as to why the boy had left. He has no idea what far reaching consequences this will sow. The Dark Lord Never Died, linkffn(11773877): Dumbledore lost the first war and Harry grew up in France. Harry corners her in the common room, late at night, and demands to know what's wrong. It was similar to an Occlumency technique Harry had learned a while ago. In the distance I can hear my so called friends screaming my name. Potter and several friends purchased an island in the Pacific. Harry Potter was sitting on his bed in the boys dormitory in Gryffindor tower. " Harry mounted his brooms, then he waited. Ted returned with a tea set and poured for the group. Harry and Hermione were glad to get home, they would have about a month before they would go back for the Wards seminar. "I, Henry James Charlus William Christopher Potter claim the right of Lord of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Potter", Harry says. Then his mind reminded him that the pair. Looking neither left nor right, he marched up the steps leading into the bank. The youngest was a girl, who was named Lily Elizabeth Potter-Black, after Harry and Daphne's mothers. When Harry leaves his Potions book behind after his first year Dumbledore asks Severus Snape to return it to him. The two share a secret, bringing them closer as outside forces attempt to tear them apart. she was aghast to find out that contrary to the other first-years, Harry didn't have any medical information in his file. A Venomous Love 19 pages 8 months ago Jason Harry Potter | Reader Draco Malfoy Lucius Malfoy | Anime/Manga Fantasy Romance Hogwarts Yaoi Bl Male X …. With no evil dark lord hanging over him, Harry was in high spirits. In the meantime, the Grangers had moved into the Regency Era Town House that the House of Potter had hidden a fidelius charm close to the Ministry of Magic in London, so that Dumbledore, the Death Eaters and the Ministry couldn't find them. Harry either goes to a different school from the start, or leaves Hogwarts at some point to attend school elsewhere. Potter stinks, is that the best he could come up with, Harry thought it was just so childish. After the third task, Harry realizes he cannot return to Hogwarts or the Dursley's. If he has to die then he will drag the SOB Voldemort with him. A Complete Timeline Of The Weasley Family. Fifth Year Rebooted Chapter 5: Harry's Time at Hogwarts, a harry …. Harry Potter never thought studying would get him a date to the Yule Ball, or a wife for that matter, but I guess studying Transfiguration while Hermione tutors Daphne got him both. A new chance by White-Blackbird reviews When Harry is badly treated at Hogwarts the Dursleys see the light and take him to a wizarding school in Australia, far away from …. The author takes us beyond the shores of Britain to locations like Iceland and introduces us to its exotic magic. After they were caught by Filch after getting Norbert the baby dragon to the Astronomy Tower, Harry and Hermione felt the ire of the other students for losing those one hundred and fifty points total. Harry got up from bed for the sixth time that night. When it was time for Harry to leave, he had snuck out of the house, using his invisibility cloak, found Sirius hiding as Padfoot. After he's gone, Hermione leaves Britain for good. Walking there, he requests a meeting with his Captain. Since it was finished before Order of the Phoenix, it feels very nostalgic to read a hopeful, canon-ish story about …. - Chapters: 12 - Words: 23,129 - Reviews: 79 - Favs: 192 - Follows: 121 - Updated: 1/6/2017 - Published: 2/27/2011 - Status. This event causes Ron to permanently fear …. Potter will only be 16 on July 31 but he has already been emancipated and proven himself against Death Eaters three times now, at least since June anyway. Draco's life was still a mess even after three years of Hogwarts battle, he was lonely after the death of his mother, tired and depressed, with the confusing Visions and the loss of his left eye. Tomorrow was the "hearing" when he would find out if he was going to be expelled or allowed to live his life as a wizard. "Lady Hogwarts," said Harry out loud in a weary voice. Dan and Emma had accepted an invitation for supper, so it was just one big happy "family" that night. Hermione and Ron got married and had two kids. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets begins when Harry is spending a miserable summer with his only remaining family, the Dursleys. Pushed too far Luna's little noodle. Albus's fear of being sorted into Slytherin House Albus Severus Potter (b. CHAPTER 1: The Letter Under the Stairs. The day before Harry Potter was due to go to Hogwarts for the very first time, his aunt and uncle informed him that he wouldn't be going. It will cover all Seven Years of Hogwarts, but mostly from Ron's perspective. He was thankful that today was the day he'd finally be able to leave the hellhole that had become Privet Drive. Hogwarts Online (HOL) is an online Harry Potter community that has been running since 2001. The Four Swords of Hogwarts Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic. It was the first Saturday in September so Harry, Hermione and Ron were on the train to their fourth year at Hogwarts after the summer holidays. Of course, given that Harry married Ginny, who was likely earning much more thanks to the Hollyhead Harpies, he wouldn't really have been strapped for cash. 7 Harry Potter, Auror (1600-2000 Galleons/$40-50,000) When it comes to post- Harry Potter careers, an Auror is a popular one. The-Boy-who-lived to become Saviour-of-the-light and Defeter-of-the-dark-lord never liked his titles or the way most people were in awe of him. With the help of her friends and Professor Vector. On August 26th, 2022, monbade passed away. His mental state kept getting carried. It was Hallowe'en, 1991, and Professor Quirrell had just announced to the Great Hall that there was a troll in. "I better go and find out what is going on. They start it before Harry is born, when Lily mentions going to Wales as a child. Vincent Crabbe was also a student at Hogwarts and a member of Slytherin House. Harry Potter wondered if any of his school mates hated the summer as much as he did. In the room, there was Harry himself, Remus, Sirius (as Padfoot), Fudge, Dumbledore, Ron, Hermionie, Amos Diggory, Mr. On Halloween 1981 your parents were betrayed. Lots of bashing of Dumbledore, McGonagall, Fudge, and …. "I had to sleep in the cupboard under the stairs until the first Hogwarts letter came. Most of the conversation was Harry and Hermione telling about their schooling, and their. Harry Potter, son of James and Lily Potter, the Saviour of the Wizarding World, had just refused magic. Harry Potter willed himself to get up from his prone position on the cupboard floor. Another example of a flat character could be seen in the film “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” in the character of Filch. Im looking for a fic where harry has enough of the wizarding world and decides to leave Or After the …. It shocked the world, obviously, that the beloved Gryffindor Princess went away, only 4 years after the war. September 5, 1991, Potions lab, morning. After killing your parents he then turned his wand on you. Wizarding World Bashing (Harry Potter). We have manged to redone up to chapter four so it should read much better. Draco's Escort Service by Cheryl Dyson reviews. 20 Most Popular Harry Potter Ships, Ranked By AO3. Rowling’s recent lack of respect for the trans community. Death of Wizarding Britain Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic. She only had herself to thank for being up this early, braving the morning's dreary weather since she'd been the one who offered to open the store in the first place. Ten years since she had last seen her brother, Fred…the last time she saw, him. AU, summary not as good as it probably could be, H/Hr. "Dobby will be doing that right away, Harry Potter, sir. They, Ron, Hermione, and Harry, had been at the Shrieking Shack after Ron had been dragged by Padfoot through the tunnel under the Whomping Willow. While waiting for Hagrid, he met a man who said that life does not change for. Some of the more knowledgeable within the chamber thought of the wording chosen by the young lord. Instead of staying put and letting his guilt control him, he …. Harry's birthday, the 31st of July, started off the same as every other day had. Fleeing, he enters a new school. Harry Potter Never Went to Hogwarts. And as far as the rest of his friends go who bloody cares? Harry never had that many friends anyway. Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 25 - Words: 109,828 - Reviews: 258 - Favs: 372 - Follows: 414 - Updated: 10/31/2006 - Published: 7/16/2006 - Harry P. An official statement had to be made because this news could not be hidden as the world had become such a small place in the age of technology. Magic, wonderful, strange and unpredictable magic took note of him and instead of doing the logical thing, acknowledging what he is, carving out a place between all the other wondrous creatures in this world – magic lifted him up instead. Harry is now forced to take matters into his own hands with the one person he could always count on, consequences be damned. Even after his demise, Voldemort suffers a grizzly fate. Caught between trying to keep his prey and fend off the phoenix Sirius aimed wildly and shouted " reducto " sending a blasting curse flying. " "Well you can't blame him" Poppy Pomfrey snapped back at him. Harry walked out of his first Potions class, having almost completed his first week of school. Two months later he started school in Mexico. During the first year, it was the troll that almost killed Hermione, Ron and him. Chapter 1 Changes come; life will have its way. Everybody thinks he will continue to be the hapless pawn, but Harry has other ideas - and a lawyer. Knowing Voldemort had returned Harry and Sirius both believed Harry should be with witches and wizards, not stuck with muggles. There are seven total “Harry Potter” books. harry potter ">Reap What You Sow Chapter 1: The Bitter Truth, a harry potter. "Potter's got the Snitch!" shouted the speaker, "Australia wins four hundred and fifty to thirty!" ANC ANC ANC. Harry also realised that he still had his dirty clothes on. All rights for characters, setting, plot etc. With 660,000 HP stories out there I. The damaging effects of their fifth year were insurmountable. most of the bad stuff is implied tbh. I definitely don't own Harry Potter, or probably half the ideas in the fic if we're being honest—though I am hoping that this fic will sort of eschew a lot of the problematic tropes. Quidditch is a fictional semi-contact sport in the Harry Potter novels and movies, played by both wizards and. A tall, black-haired witch in emerald-green robes stood there. During 2nd year (Chamber of Secrets), Harry ends up leaving the school due to all the bullying due to him being a parselmouth. Character bashing, with character death, NO slash. As he leaves Privet drive for the last time he plans to leaves the magical world behind. Harry Potter is forced to hire him, but his destination isn't quite what Draco had in mind. It's already written in its entirety and I'm editing the second part of this, to be posted in. Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 25 - Words: 109,828 - Reviews: 258 - Favs: 371 - Follows: 413 - Updated: 10/31/2006 - Published: 7/16/2006 - Harry P. [Excerpt from the longer story I am attempting to write] Rated: Fiction T - English - Drama - Harry P. Harry Potter has made a new life in the states as Dr. hogwarts, new schools, harry leave wizarding. Harry Potter Mass Effect Crossover. His best friend and girlfriend Hermione Granger looked at him. It was late spring; Harry Potter was bloody, bruised and the war was over; Voldemort was finally dead. The boy on the left had raven hair, green eyes and a lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead. Harry Potter and the Power of Revenge. Either participate in the tournament or lose his magic and leave Hogwarts. After the death of his godfather our hero is driven beyond what he can take. after all but misunderstands her point of view altogether. harry potter fanfic ">Realizations Chapter 20: Knock, Knock, a harry potter fanfic. Remus accepts the task of reintroducing him to the wizarding world, Harry resisting all the while. So, when she leaves hogwarts and gets the chance to become an avenger, she accepts, finally able to be known for her achievements and not her brother's. The war is finally over and even though Harry "saved them all" it seems he isn't allowed to have a life of his own. "How dare you kidnap us, boy!" Fudge screamed, his face turning purple, with spittle flying from his mouth. They go through everything together, including finding out their wizards. What he finds isn't what he expects and so he rescues Harry. Harry leaves the wizarding world. Soon after rescuing his 7yearold son, Harry, from the abusive Dursleys, Snape starts his teaching career at Hogwarts. Lost in a vast, underground system of caves, seven-year-old Harry Potter stumbles upon a glowing, blue cube that has lain forgotten in the darkness for thousands of years. To him it was the only proof he had that he was different, he was someone, he was. One of them was a Slytherin and he was probably the bravest man I ever knew. An example of a flat character would be Mrs. The main topic of conversation was the Quiddich World Cup that they had been to watch with the Weasleys. In March 1983, 3-year-old Ron breaks Fred's toy broomstick, causing the latter to use his magical powers in anger to turn Ron's teddy bear into a spider. After Sirius dies, Harry is isolated and feels betrayed by everyone who's been around him recently and leaves to figure out what he should do. Harry will be independent and break from the hold the Dursleys have on him very early. Harry Potter Leaves the Wizarding World; Harry Potter is So Done; Post-War; Summary. 'Yeah, he is, James would be proud of him, so would Lily even if she never liked flying. ago Linkffn (Weary Wizard) 2 FanfictionBot • 2 yr. Whelp II The Wrath of Snape by jharad17. - Words: 1,613 - Reviews: - Favs: 244 - Follows: 93 - Published. Disclaimer (will only appear once). She hadn't seen or heard from him since that day in Dumbledore's office when she and Arthur disowned Ginny. As opposed to Harry and Neville who only had him for the one year. Some of my favorite dimensional travel fics in which James and Lily are alive in the other dimension: A Black Comedy, linkffn(3401052): Both Harry and Sirius ended up in a world where its Harry was killed long time ago, but Voldemort had trouble dealing with a 'fucker'. After the defeat of Voldemort the story jumps 19 years into the future so we actually never get to see what life was like at Hogwarts following the battle, especially in the first year (1998 - 1999). I think that was a really interesting time that I would love to read more about. When confronted with the information about Voldemort being back and targeting muggles, the muggle government didn't just roll over. It was ten minutes later that Arthur stepped into the house to see Hermione and Ginny crying and Molly sitting at the table looking stunned. "I will see you and your friends there, so we can continue our discussion. All of the books were published by Scholastic between September 1998 and July 2007. Harry Potter True Friends Chapter 1: Sadness and. A swirl of black, sandy-looking smoke circled above him, tugging upward and seemingly sucking an invisible. She immediately softened her death grip as a small groan escaped Harry's unconscious self when she griped his battered hand hard. Harry wondered fleetingly who would wake Ron now but forgot about it quickly again. Books, Dirty Harry, Dungeons and Dragons, and Walking Dead. Fifteen months in Azkaban Prison following the Chamber of Secrets fiasco leaves Harry Potter less than interested in being anybody's hero, and thanks to his psychotic friends, unreliable allies, persistent enemies, prophecies, tournaments, war, politics, magic insanity, and the perils of true love, it'd be a wonder if …. Also posted on ao3 Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Chapters: 23 - Words: 91,161 - Reviews: 34 - Favs: 789 - Follows: 452 - Updated: 8/17/2021 - Published: 8/14/2021 - Status: Complete - id: 13938973. Chapter 1 – Harry Opens His Eyes. Shortly after leaving Hogwarts, it was discovered accidently by The Daily Prophet that the three had entered into a relationship. It's time to step up and take control of his life. James and Lily had enough of seeing Harry suffer, they appeared to him, and offered him a way of escape. Harry Potter and the Last Horcrux by Mike (Full Pensieve) Word count: 260,875. The rain was pouring down, drawing jagged lines down the glass. When Harry is eight, he suddenly starts hearing a voice in his head – the voice of a boy named Tom. " The headmaster looked at him like he was to jump and run up there. Harry finds more ways to surprise his father, and a school full of students. Harry glowed green for a few seconds and got a surprised look on his face. The Potter account manager Goblin had been abusing his position and keeping Harry ignorant of his wealth and status for years as he was being heavily bribed by Dumbledore to do so. Discovery stock has outshone all other S&P 500 peers including Tesla and Meta so far in 2023, thanks to its Harry Potter-themed hit game "Hogwarts Legacy. It’s been 6 years since the defeat of Voldemort, and 5. Stars of Freedom By: Raptor2216. With the help of a mysterious package he received, Harry starts questioning himself and the integrity of Hogwarts. During the Summer after third year Harry decides to take Sirius' future into his own hands. Harry was reminded of Uncle Vernon. harry potter ">A Different Road Chapter 1: A New Start, a harry potter. Hermione Granger rounded the corner, her pace quickening as she neared the bookstore. The Time Travelling Potters, a harry potter fanfic. James, Lily, Fleamont and Euphemia are bored to death during an Order meeting taking place at Potter Manor. With goblins, the muggle government, and one Hermione Granger at his back Harry is ready for change and eager to leave an unjust, cruel, and stupid magical world behind. So much was happening, and none of it was good. Deathly Hallows was published in 2007 and at the end of the book is a chapter called "19 years later" (i. She had missed her parents greatly and her daily sword fights with her father. How Many “Harry Potter” Books Are There?. Chapter one After Harry Potter got off the train he didn't go to see if their Dursley's were there, Harry decided if this war was heating up then he needed money, he would need a …. 2006) was an English half-blood wizard, the second son of Harry and Ginevra Potter (née Weasley) and the godson of Neville …. How a marauder deals with a troll Chapter 1: Taking down. The law protects the rich and powerful, at the expense of the innocent. The back of his hand felt like it was on fire—it was the third day of his second week of detention with Umbridge. After the Dursleys abandon six year old Harry in a park in Kent, Harry comes to the realization that he is an elf. Now Harry must make new allies and learn new skills if he is to live. An "old friend" is sent to look after him and try to bring him back. So, Hogwarts (and probably other wizarding schools) is actually middle school, high school, and college. Dobby reminded Harry about the package Sirius had given him just before he. Having moved to France with Sirius, Harry has to juggle his new school, his relationship with Fleur and Dumbledore's attempts to return him to England. Fifteen year old Harry Potter lay sprawled on his back on the floor of the Atrium in the Ministry of Magic. The Hogwarts tuition fees are 1000 galleons a year, as well as 80 on supplies. He overhears plans from Ginny regarding plans from Dumbledore and Molly. It was only a couple of weeks ago that he had seen his godfather Sirius Black killed in the. Harry, Ron and Hermione were entering the Great Hall once again. The boy snickered quietly to himself as he reached up to hang the last self-stirring spoon on a hook, then knelt down and started unpacking and shelving some bottles of Mrs. This fanfic by Glisseo concerns exactly what it sounds like: Lily and James making a list of things they want to do after the First Wizarding War is finished. Remus appeared proud that Harry had thought of that, he didn't think most 12 year old kids would. Harry is stuck at the Dursleys until a phone call changes his life. Harry Potter:The Shadow Warrior by Leon-reynauld reviews. A/N: This Fic ignores the Storylines of Mass Effect 2 and 3. Sixth and seventh year classes are similar to majors in that they require skill and acceptable O. What Are the Positions in Quidditch?. The Weasleys are made his guardians. When he had first appeared, it was clear that Harry was winning. Author has written 31 stories for Battlestar Galactica: 2003, Harry Potter, Misc. Harry Potter Leaves the Wizarding World - Works | Archive of Our Own 21 - 40 of 127 Works in Harry Potter Leaves the Wizarding World Works Bookmarks ← Previous 1 2 3 …. Harry lays down his folk, sighs. The ring was checked by both Remus and Ragnok and no curses were found. Body battered and depleted, his eyes focused on the high, high ceiling. harry potter ">The End of the War before it even Began, a harry potter. What would happen if Harry had finally enough after an incident in his fourth year– covers the entire fourth year – minor Harry/OFC. The words echo in Harry's mind. How to Get the Harry Potter eBook for Free. Harry leaves Hogwarts after his sixth year and into a darker world after losing Dumbledore. July with the Dursley's had been as frustrating as ever for Harry. In a fit of rage and grief our hero unlocks a power to equal all. His Champions' robes weren't wet, so Harry supposed it was …. Ron is a bit confused as he stuffs more food into his mouth. Harry Leaves Hogwarts has been made a synonym of Harry Potter Drops Out of Hogwarts. No, the honour belongs to Ms JK Rowling. And now, at age eleven, he has recieved two invitations to schools that claim to teach magic. Harry unloads on the magical world. Dudley had been given a brand new TV as a welcome home from school present while Harry had received nothing. After the Battle Chapter 1, that morning, a harry potter ">After the Battle Chapter 1, that morning, a harry potter. A story about the relationship between Harry Potter and Daphne Greengrass from 4th year till Post-Hogwarts. The loss of their Savior had sent the masses in a panic. 20 of the Most Popular Harry Potter Fanfiction Stories (2023 Edition). A plan formulated in the blink of an eye, and he thought it a good one. He looks around and sees all flags in black and the crests in dark gray. They were allied with no houses within Wizarding Britain. Fate takes a different turn, Harry and Draco are friends (not that anyone knows that) before first year, only Draco begins to act differently. ago Weary Wizard by Yunaine When a few inappropriate questions derail the meeting at the Hog's Head, Harry lets the situation play out. Harry Potter entered Gringots bank in Diagon Alley look distinctively different from the one who left after Battle at Hogwarts, the difference was such big that Ronald Weasley, whom Harry passed while entering, didn't recognize him. The Fifth Hogwarts House, a harry potter fanfic. Harry! Harry!" the crowd chanted, and Fred, George and Neville joined in, soon followed by Ginny. Harry James Potter had grown up with the Dursleys, his mother's family, for as long as he could remember.